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Review: Sony SRS-X9 ultra premium personal speaker


Despite creating a beautiful, feature-rich and well thought-out wireless speaker, Sony’s SRS-X9 fails to deliver consistently high quality sound over its wireless and wired inputs.

The wireless audio phenomenon in consumer tech is huge and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It’s into this already crowded category that Sony is throwing three new contenders for your wireless speaker dollars. The biggest and baddest of the three is the SRS-X9, a sophisticated-looking all-in-one affair that straddles the line between bookshelf speaker and home theatre sound-bar.


The SRS-X9, which retails for $699 CDN, is priced at the high end of the wireless speaker market, placing it in competition with the Sonos Play:5 ($499) or possibly the Sonos Playbar ($749) as well as offerings from Pioneer,BoseBowers & WilkinsPolk Audio and Marantz.

Set-up and Connectivity

As you would expect from such a device, it offers a wealth of connectivity including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, line-in (via mini-jack), Ethernet and USB. It’s also DLNA and AirPlay compatible.

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Enter the Giraffe: an iPad speaker-stand-thingy

Microlab's Giraffe: an articulated iPad stand that incorporates a speaker and an FM radio in its base.I’m sure that the irony of Apple’s absence from CES hasn’t been lost on a single show attendee. That’s because it is virtually impossible to visit a booth here in Las Vegas that doesn’t contain at least one product designed for Apple’s ubiquitous line of i-devices. And since the iPad rolled out earlier this year, gadget companies of all sizes have been working overtime to create accessories for this runaway success story. One of the most interesting and um, bizarre, of these accessories is the Giraffe. Part Luxo light, part radio and part claw, this articulated iPad stand might just fill a need you never knew you had.