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Gmail inboxes show up empty

An email account that is available from anywhere on any device and that has effectively unlimited storage sounds like a good idea, but what happens when the provider of that service accidentally wipes out your emails? All of them?

That is apparently what happened to about .08% of all Gmail users over the weekend. Now that’s a tiny fraction of all Gmail users, but if you’re one of them you likely don’t care how many others were impacted.

So what to do? Should you stick with the free service or move to another provider?

While moving is always an option, you’re probably pretty fond of Gmail and would prefer to stay. That being the case, the Lee Mathews over at downloadsquad.com have created a handy guide to backing up your Gmail inbox, something that should probably be done monthly to avoid headaches.

Readers, have you been affected by the glitch? Are you a happy Gmailer or do use another email platform and if so, why? Do you ever back up your email?

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