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iPhone iOS 4.2 update wipes iPod content: problem fixed

sad-iphoneSee update below…

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Oh the excitement of a iOS update! The thrill of being able to access brand-new, never-seen-before features! The anticipation as you download and install the update!

The disappointment as you realize that you can no longer play any of your iPod content.

This sure sounds like the beginning of one of those MasterCard commercials, but the sad truth is that it’s the reality facing some people who have been brave enough to install Apple’s latest update to their iOS on their iPhone 4.

Actually I have no idea how many others have experienced this since a quick Google on the topic hasn’t turned up anything.

The update downloaded and installed just fine, and all of my apps appear to be working – in fact I can’t find a single problem – except the whole iPod thing:

iPhone 4's iPod screen after installing iOS 4.2.1 (click for larger)

iPhone 4's iPod screen after installing iOS 4.2.1 (click for larger)

Strangely, when I check my settings panel, everything looks normal: I can see I’ve got music and a few videos.

iPhone 4's "About" screen after iOS 4.2.1 update showing songs and videos on the device (click for larger)

iPhone 4's "About" screen after iOS 4.2.1 update showing songs and videos on the device (click for larger)

The only thing I can think of is that the PC I used to perform the iOS update is not the PC that I originally loaded my music from. Could that account for it? It hasn’t been a problem in the past when I’ve done the same thing.

Anyone else having trouble?

Update, 4:48 p.m.: Thanks to reader jonoo who suggested re-connecting the iPhone to the PC and playing a few tracks in iTunes FROM the iPhone’s library, then disconnecting the iPhone. It works! All tracks are now back.

Let us know if this fix does not work for you.

iOS4 takes the '3G' out of the iPhone 3G


Though the problem doesn’t appear to be affecting all iPhone 3G owners, a number of people have reported that since upgrading to iOS4, their phones can no longer connect to their carrier via 3G or EDGE. Other are saying that MMS capability has been knocked offline.

Apple has acknowledged these issues and has offered advice on how to fix the problems. But even after trying these recommendations, our video editor, Steve F. found himself with a phone that refused to connect.

Steve was among the first in Canada to upgrade his 2-year old iPhone 3G to Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS4. After completing the upgrade, he provided us with some of his thoughts on the process. To say he wasn’t impressed is an understatement. “If I could go back in time and make the decision to upgrade over again, I’d probably decide to keep my OS 3,” he lamented. But he chose to stick with iOS4 to see if the few improvements it offered him were worth the compromises.

Two weeks later, it happened. His iPhone wouldn’t connect to his carrier, Rogers Wireless.

“At first I though it was something I had done”, he said. Steve, who is very familiar with the inner workings of the iPhone, might have been more freaked out by the incident, but as luck would have it, a friend of his had experienced the same problem a few days before hand. He called Steve to see if his problem was unique. “Turns out [he] wasn’t alone,” said Steve.

Frustrated by the fact that Apple’s remedies weren’t correcting the issue, Steve reached out to the web and found a possible fix on appletoolbox.com. Unfortunately, this option is of the thermonuclear variety: Doing a full restore of your iPhone using the “setup as a new phone” choice. Such a drastic measure results in all of the data being wiped clean, with no way to bring it back. Your downloaded apps are still available within iTunes to re-sync to your phone, but any data those apps might have saved locally including contacts, high-scores, or favourites are gone forever. It turns out that in these cases, simply doing a routine restore procedure doesn’t purge the bad data that causes the connectivity issue in the first place.

Ultimately, Steve did perform the full restore and found that doing so brought back his 3G connection as promised. And though he did lose all of his data, there was a silver lining: His iPhone 3G now runs iOS4 very quickly – much faster than it did after performing the original upgrade.

Has this made Steve a fan of Apple’s iOS4?

“No. I’m still frustrated,” he responds. Despite the improved speed of his now-squeaky-clean iPhone, he feels let down by the lack of advantages offered by the OS for iPhone 3G owners.

“I just don’t see the point.”

Readers: have you been caught unawares by a recent iPhone upgrade? If not, has this cautionary tale persuaded you to stick with your current OS? Let us know.