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Sony drops Canadian prices on eReaders

PRS300S_fl_1The Sony Reader Pocket Edition is now $179, while the Touch Edition moves to $229.

This new pricing is part of a larger effort to make e-ink readers of all stripes more appealing to consumers, especially now that Apple’s iPad threatens to consume at least a portion of the potential users of these devices.

But I can tell you from personal experience, there really is no competition if reading books is what you like to do most.

The iPad is great, has a big, beautiful display and can accomplish a dizzying array of tasks with the right apps. But it’s heavy. I mean not “I can barely lift this thing” heavy, but more like “I’m getting a cramp after holding this thing for 30 minutes” heavy. As for reading in bed – forget about it.

eReaders, whether we’re talking about the Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Kobo or any other dedicated device are simply better for books.

Sony’s new pricing makes picking up one of these units more attractive than ever before. If you haven’t seen one in the flesh, I strongly encourage you to go check one out.