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Now that's FAST: Researchers break the 100 petabit per second kilometer barrier

fibre-opticsAccording to this report from Cellular News, the researchers at Bell Labs, a division of Alcatel-Lucent, have achieved a signifcant milestone in networking: they’ve improved on the current fastest commerical speeds by a factor of ten.

How did they do it? They combined a variety of different technologies into a single solution that included 155 separate lasers, each of which carried 100 Gigabytes of data at different frequencies.

Now keep in mind, the researchers sent the light from these lasers down a single fibre optic cable, which means that they needed a way to decipher the data at the other end – something which traditional sensors aren’t able to do.

They used a new technology known as “coherent detection” – which can distinguish between a much greater number of light frequencies than “direct detection” (the current standard for commerical fibre optic transmissions).

So there’s really only one question left to ask: When can I get this hooked up at home?