about-Simon-CohenI think a lot about tech. Can’t help it. Partially because of my job as a freelance tech writer and editor, but also because this stuff permeates our lives. Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest social network gobbling up yet more hours we don’t really have or a gadget that promises to revolutionize our whole world, (again). Tech is everywhere.

I created Excitable to give myself a place to talk about tech out loud, and without constraints. I can’t promise that these random thoughts will all be gold; in fact there’s a good chance much of this will end up being a series of ravings that aren’t even worth the pixels they occupy. But you’re here, and I’m glad you came. Please stay a while and share your thoughts on these pages. It can get lonely in the blogosphere just talking to oneself.

Yours in tech,




  1. Teghen

    I just swept through 30 minutes and learned a great deal from your wonderful blog. Great summaries and wonderful writing style. Really Good. Just a newbie in IT and have a knack for writing (a little design and publishing), but this is way really good Simon. I’ll be glad to make acquaintance. – Victor, from Buea, Cameroon


  2. viewer

    From your article, “Canada’s winters inspired a startup to warm homes with cryptomining heat waste,” the resolve would be solar power.


  3. Rob

    Simon ,will a 9242 receiver provide HD to two HD tvs?? Looking at getting a used dual to replace a 6131 dual SD . Eyesight is waining and this will help .


  4. aidan545

    Hi Simon .. just wondering what is the best way to get in contact. We would love for you to help our company out with some content. Thanks


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