Apple confirms iPhone 5 launching September 12

There’s not much to say when you look at the graphic above – other than a) There is indeed going to be an Apple event on September 12th, and b) it’s a virtual lock that at least one of the product announcements will be the next generation of the iPhone – which I think we can agree based on the shadow numeral above – will be called the iPhone 5.

Will there be other announcements such as the heavily rumoured smaller, iPad Mini? Or more details on the shadowy presence of an improved Apple TV? We’ll let you know as soon as we know!



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  2. Jim

    Hi all,

    not sure whom or where to ask this question; just wanted to know if anyone knew if and when Apple new ipod touch 128GB will be launched. A lot of online reliable or not so reliable said/says Sept 2012; which came and passed…

    thanks in advance for your information.