Bell launches world's toughest phone: The Sonim Bolt XP5520

You’ve got to love yellow and black when they’re used together. No other colour combination says “I’m tough as nails”. Tractors, cranes, front-end loaders – heck just about every serious piece of machinery whether meant for construction ¬†– or destruction ¬†– can be found sporting this eye-catching motif.

So it won’t surprise you to find out that the Sonim Bolt XP5520 (pictured right) is a tough phone.

But what might surprise you is that the Bolt is not only tough, it’s the toughest phone on the planet and Sonim has the Guiness World Record to prove it.

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You might also be surprised by some of the other specs on this industrial-strength communicator:

  • PTT (Push-to-talk) capability over 4G networks: This is the walkie-talkie function that lets you chat to one or many other PTT users with just a click on a single button.
  • Super long battery life (up to 12 hours of talk time)
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty (If you manage to break this phone, Sonim will take it back simply to learn how to make their products tougher)
  • Insanely loud ringer and speaker phone: If you work on a job site, there’s no way you’ll hear an iPhone when it rings
  • Dust proof
  • Shock proof
  • Drop proof (and we mean really drop proof)
  • Water proof: You could even take this thing scuba diving
  • Extreme temperature-resistant

When we got word of this supremely heavy duty phone, we were naturally dubious of some of the claims. We suggested that Sonim lend a pair of Bolts to our buddies at Sympatico Autos so they could run a little torture test on the device to see how it fared in real-world conditions. That is if by real-world you mean running over it with a truck, tossing it from the tops of grain silos and dragging it like a rag-doll on a dirt road going 50 km/h.

So how did the Bolt do? Check out the video to find out.

If the Bolt sounds like the phone for you, Bell today announced that they are the exclusive carrier of the super-tough handset, not to mention the first carrier in North America to offer the PTT-over-4G functionality that makes the Bolt such an ideal field-companion. The Sonim Bolt is available for $99 on a 3-year contract.

Disclosure: is owned and operated by Bell Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Canada.



  1. Sue

    Finally a phone made for the real work world!
    Prior phones have been run over by a tractor, then the disk…left out in the rain…dropped in a water tank and fallen off a moving pickup. It’s just what my husband needs!! And he wanted an I-phone just because the grain salesman has one and he saw all the techy things it can do…wouldn’t last 2 weeks!!


  2. yeah

    With this phone maybe my husband will actually hear the phone ringing when I call. He has a bad habit of leaving it sitting on the dash when he gets out of the truck.


  3. badnomad

    It’s a great phone……too bad it’s being offered by Bell.
    The “$99” phone, will cost you $1,800 on a 3 year contract…..cheaper to buy it outright, and choose your own plan.
    Bell=lousy service, lousy support, and constant price gougeing…..when my plan is up, I’m going elsewhere!


  4. Jeremy

    What about a direct smash with a sledge hammer to the phone and LCD? No one tried that in any videos only a big drop.


    • todd

      real world tests… not dumb ones like this..if you wanna smash a phone go smash one….the phone is designed to handle accidents and stuff like that….not a direct intent to break it


  5. Steven

    A bit harsh there “Mac”. He was just expressing his idea tests for the phone. The first bit of damage comes to the LCD that prevents it from working when dropped on most phones. The only Dumbass here is you for your rude comment.


    • Mac

      Guy wants to take a sledge-hammer to the phone as if that’s some sort of reasonable test of how tough the phone is. Why don’t we set it on fire or put it in a woodchipper? The phone is designed to withstand the kind of abuse likely to be experienced by people in the field, not by people who are hell-bent on breaking them. Not sure who the bigger dumbass is, Jeremy for suggesting it or you for defending it. I’ll let others decide.


  6. Richard Marois

    I work outside in the bush i always have my sonim in my pocket and i was happy of it after 1 month and 1 week it stop ringning so can’t received call
    i went to bell mobility they say manifacture defect so to have it on warranty
    they have to send it back to mfg. it will take 6 to 8 weeks sonim is a good phone but for the warranty waith 2 month witouth my phone ….I will have to buy another phone. if you buy a sonim make sure you have a back up phone