RIM leaks a first look at BB 10 OS

You’ve got to hand it to the guys and gals at CrackBerry.com – they’re on a roll. First they publish some leaked photos of the as-yet-unannounced BlackBerry Superphone codenamed “London”, and now they’ve posted some similarly leaked photos of the next OS that will power the make-it-or-break-it devices from RIM.

Makes you wonder if these “leaks” are leaks at all, or a clever guerilla marketing effort designed to create some buzz for the beleaguered tech giant.

It makes sense if you think about it: Given all of the negative press RIM has received as of late, it certainly can’t do any harm to let it slip out that it is indeed working toward a new and improved hardware and software system if only to give some hope to those thinking of jumping ship.

And in a best-case scenario, the company can use the informal feedback from reader comments and blogger reactions to gauge whether they’re on the right track or need to do some last-minute course-corrections. I know that’s certainly not how Apple would go about product development, but RIM can’t claim (unlike Apple) that they have an innate sense of what the user wants before the user knows (or at least it’s been a long time since RIM has shown this prescience).

You can see all of the leaked shots over at CrackBerry.com and make up your mind if you think BB 10 is headed in the right direction. My initial reaction is yes, I like what I see. There’s no question the new UI borrows heavily from iOS, but then again so did Android. Some things just work. But RIM has also borrowed from Android too with the homescreen widgets concept, demonstrating what Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying: “Great artists steal”.

[Source: CrackBerry.com]



  1. John smith

    Frankly, I think this is all wrong.
    The entire reason I stuck to Blackberry this whole time is because it has a keyboard. If I’m going to be forced to get a touch screen, I would just get an iphone!
    EUUCCCHHH, so frustrating.


  2. Claude Desaulniers

    Im pretty sure RIM will once again be near the top of that mountain, and their stock price will at least double within one year.


  3. hessapp

    LMAO!!! Ya right near the top of another lawsuit!? Looks like the Iphone setup!? But lets see where this takes RIM this time!?


  4. Dennis

    For us loyal BB users we just want RIM to develop a phone that meets or acceeds the iPhone or Androids. We love our BBM and I wouldn’t move because of that system. BB are a great business tool, just get the new units to us soon and stop the frustration.


  5. Chas van Dyck

    I agree, Claude. RIM has been down for a while, but not out, in MHO. Personally, I like my Blackberry and wouldn’t trade it for an i-phone. A friend of mine had a BB that had died, so decided to go with an i-phone, and a couple of weeks later he brought it back and got a new BB instead. If I had some extra cash lying around right now, I think I’d get some RIM stock. I think they’re poised to make a big comeback. And, I like the fact they’re a Canadian company.


  6. Loe

    The main reason anyone moves to apple is for all the apps… now people are moving to android cause they are sick of having everything locked down and the pains of itunes and not being able to use your phone with an explorer to use as an external hard drive, also no customization. Blackberry only had BBM and there is tons of other apps that can acheive basically the same thing. RIM needs to get more apps! I thought I heard they were going to allow some android apps to work on the blackberry… but the new CEO said NO… Well I guess its goodbye then!