Where to buy an iPhone 4S in Canada

Despite the initial disappointment that the iPhone 4S didn’t turn out to be the iPhone 5, the new smartphone from Apple is garnering praise from the media as a worthy successor to the iPhone 4 and must-have upgrade for those still using iPhone 3G and 3GS models.

And, as has been the case with nearly every iPhone and iPad release since 2007, eager buyers have been lining up at Apple Store locations around the world. Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak got in on the action, despite already having his own iPhone 4S which was delivered to his home.

Given this enthusiasm, it’s a good bet that inventory levels at Apple stores in Canada will be depleted quickly and buyers may not get the model they have their hearts set on.

But the good news with the iPhone 4S, when compared to the launch of previous models, is that Apple has made a point of supplying their partners with healthy stocks of the phone so that no one need go home empty-handed.

There’s no question that Apple stores remain the emotional favourite when it comes to buying iPhones – this time around much more so given Steve Jobs’ recent passing. But if you don’t live near an Apple store, or if their supplies have dwindled by the time you head out to buy, here are your alternatives:

  • Bell World
  • Virgin Mobile
  • The Source
  • Best Buy
  • Future Shop
  • Rogers
  • Fido
  • Koodo
It’s still strongly recommended that you give a call to your retailer of choice, however, as certain models are bound to be more popular than others. Remember your choices are: Black or White and memory of 16, 32 or 64GB.
Typically, the pricing on new contracts looks like: $159.95 for the 16GB model, $269.95 for the 32GB model and $369.95 for the 64GB model for 3-year terms.
If you want to buy one unlocked, without a contract however, you’ll need to go to an Apple store, or order one online.
Happy shopping!
Disclosure: Sync is owned and operated by Bell Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of BCE.


  1. Doug

    To all the people that lined up to receive a new IPHONE.

    Give your head a shake folks. This is an overpriced telephone, gadget, toy, status symbol. 80% of the features you will not use. If you lined the streets to wait for the IPHONE arrival, you really need to get a life. But it is voice activatted! WOW! If you would engage in a real conversation with somebody you could experience voice ativation for free and save your precious thumbs for holding onto your money.

    Smartphones, smart publicity, smart marketing, dumb users.


  2. Lester


    Obviously people have their vices… And since they spend their hard earned cash on themselves like you do with whatever alternative passion you may have… I must say you yourself need to get a life instead of leaving hate messages on public forums.

    A rundown of vices I think are pretty crazy relevant to buying an iPhone with no contract…

    Hockey Sticks… $500? You’re kidding me
    Video Games and Consoles… Kill those brain cells
    20″+Rims… Bling Bling
    Add Winter Tires… $3000
    Golf Clubs… At least I can use it more than twice

    And the list continues… Let me add one more thing… All the rest of the highend smartphones. If its not apple, its someone else. So get over it!

    FYI still using BB Storm 1… And love my iPad 1. Let people spend what they want. So go buy yourself another case of refreshment and go dig a hole somewhere.