Sync Up: Fun with iOS Maps, browser study a hoax

Before you watch, allow me to drop a few notes about this segment:

First, I’ve discovered it’s a pretty good idea to fully rehearse a demo before going on live TV (Duh, I know). Turns out that the “Share Location”  feature in the image above only works when you’ve enabled the Mail client on your iOS device, something which Marcia had yet to do on her iPad. Lesson learned.

Another somewhat embarrassing moment came seconds later when we discuss that so-called study that claims IE users aren’t as smart as those who use Opera or other browsers. This morning, the BBC is reporting that the whole thing was a hoax, perpetrated by an as-yet undiscovered source. I guess we were fooled!

Here’s the clip:


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  1. Phil

    ohhh feeling like you have a two digit IQ, or would that be an IE 6 user? Not to worry we still like your blogs, but you’re on notice and we are watching you. Although some of the (…with out prejudice…) commenter’s to the posts (in general) are a few bricks shy of a full load. That is not very comforting but that’s the best I have for the moment.