Apple’s latest toys are the same price in Canada as the U.S.

Apple's new MacBook Air runs OS X Lion, has Core i5 and i7 chips and is available for the same price in Canadian and U.S. dollars.Today Apple released some fairly important updates to their non-iMac line of computing products, specifically a refresh of both the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

They get upgraded processors – thanks to the Core i5 and i7 chips – and the insanely fast I/O technology known as “Thunderbolt” has been added as well, making the Mac Pros the only Mac OS machines in Apple’s arsenal that aren’t equipped with it (maybe that’s a good thing?).

For anyone who has been holding out for the new versions, today is a good day – especially if you were anxious to get your hands on Lion, the latest version of OS X which is being shipped with these machines.

But the exciting and surprising part for Canadians is that Apple has chosen to give us price parity on these products, marking the first time in recent memory that an Apple purchase will cost the same in Canadian dollars as it would in U.S. dollars.

Now before you get too excited, this pricing policy doesn’t appear to have been applied across Apple’s Canadian store. As far as I can see, all of the products that were on sale prior to today’s new releases, are still at the older, higher-than-U.S. prices e.g.: the base iPad is still $519, not $499.

However the move is a welcome one – I have been irked for several months that despite our dollar clinging to its above-par value, Apple’s prices continued to ignore that fact.

Let’s hope that as new Apple products roll out – not to mention products from other manufacturers (yes home theatre equipment makers, I’m talking to you) – we see this pricing parity become standard. My wallet would really appreciate it!

(image credit: Apple Computer)



  1. Canadian

    Ripped off again. Our dollar is trading at $1.05 right now; our prices should be 5% cheaper.


  2. Gordon

    Why award the crude Apple corporation with your money now after decades of cheating on you with their unfair, high prices??? Canadian Apple fanatics never learn about value of Microssoft campatiable computers and software and services.