Ridiculous tech-cessory of the week: iPad Pants

iPad Tactical Pants. Image courtesy of TacticalPants.com

iPad Tactical Pants. Image courtesy of TacticalPants.com

Thanks to unending river of information that is the internet – especially the mammoth subset of the net dedicated to covering technology – I can now bring you your Friday chuckle.

The source of the amusement this time round is CrunchGear, who picked up on a thoroughly ridiculous concept: the iPad Tactical Pants.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good set of pants – particularly if they’re festooned with a variety of pockets – but there is practical limit to just how much gear you can reasonably tote around with you before you risk hurting yourself, or worse, your favourite gadgets.

The pair of Tactical Pants pictured above is a model known as “Kitanica.” And as the image shows, trying to pocket your brand new iPad 2 in this $160 garment (and then subsequently performing the ill-advised act of sitting) could easily lead to a $500 replacement bill. Yikes.

But it’s not all bad news for those of you who are determined to keep your tablet pal with you at all times. The team at TacticalPants.com have identified several other models of pants that are better suited to iPad-totage, namely the Genuine Gear variety which appears to offer a somewhat saner side-pocket location.

So with Father’s Day rapidly approaching, you now have one more option to show dear ol’ Dad how much you love/love-to-mock him.

[Source: TacticalPants.com] [Via: CrunchGear]



  1. Neon

    be the first to sit down and here CRUNCH…….

    Not everyone will think or will forget they are carrrying on.

    Maybe if it was on the side or something.


    • billy bob

      exactly what i was thinking….but it could be a good thing for workers (didnt read the article, so if they talked about it good) like for telecommunications that make housecalls and such to set up connections, etc and may need internet or something. being trained to have that uniform would make them ‘anal’ about not sitting on the company ipads.


  2. BBJack

    Since someone picked up on my sarcastic joke about needing “big ass”pants to carry an Ipad , (Skinny guys and girls are reduced to having one asymetrical pocket) and are profiting from it, let me make my next tongue in cheek prediction. With the new paper or thin phones coming on line I forsee where the phone itelf will be woven into the shirt of the bearer. Two ear buds will come off the collar tips and be plugged into microbuds actually surgically inserted into the ear canals by your local tattoo and piercing artist. Bluetooth actuated eyeglasses will pick up 3D signals from the shirt to create an alternate reality which can be switched on and off by pinching the fake adhesive tape binding on the nose piece of the black horn rimmed glasses. The only drawback is that 81% of all males will be easily identified as porno addicts by the pronounced bulge in the front of their pants. When the current rap phase is over (and it will be over like dead disco), those guys will use “it” as a cap rack. Insted of joining gangs, kids will opt to link in to group experiences by Wi-Fi where they can fight it out or gang rape their blue fantasy women without ever taking a risk of losing the fat ass they are used to sitting on. Pretty soon everyone will have an ass wide enough to be be able to have two Ipad pockets and then the World had better watch out!


    • Simon Cohen

      This sounds dangerously close to the plot of Avatar 2… James Cameron, is that you?