iPad 2 gets shot up and blended

For some reason, as obsessed as some of us are with the latest shiny gadgets from Apple, there are still others out there obsessed with destroying them for our amusement/horror.

To highlight this phenomenon I give you two very different videos. Each goes about rendering a brand new iPad 2 – the same device that people are currently waiting weeks to receive in the U.S. – completely and utterly useless. Of course each goes about the process in very different ways. The first video gives us a highly stylized and somewhat John Woo-inspired treatment which renders the destruction almost poetic. The second is just a clown stuffing the device into a blender.

No need to thank me.



  1. Uffe Kirkegaard

    Oh No…

    What are they doing with those iPads?! It’s a shame (But the last one is funny though).

    Yeah… That’s a very unorthodox way to get publicity, but it probably works – I ended up here!

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

    Uffe Kirkegaard


  2. Brian


    what the heck!

    i’m waiting for my ipad2 to come in the mail real soon…

    i think i’ll hold onto mine vs. putting it in a blender.



  3. Enkii

    Not very imaginative. All i am seeing is a fool destroying a small device. If you are so intent on destroying something join mythbuster.


  4. Dave Gardner

    This is great! The photography on the watermelon blowing up was cool!

    Would love to get my hands on a few and my wife to work with for our businesses, which of course we would never let near a blender!


  5. notamused

    Wasteful and foolish. As I sit here and read the article ( I refuse to watch the videos) I am struck with the complete ignorance of the people who would do such a thing and how much money is wasted in the process. If you had donated the money to a worthy cause (and there are plenty of them out there)instead of throw it away you would have gotten no cheap publicity but at least you would have done something good in this world. Then again, why would people of your depth care about doing good ?


  6. Nightrider

    Oh, you Americans…. What a laugh. Only you guys can laugh at yourselves. That`s a great quality in you guys. I admire that.

    That last part: `This is Bill`…. I laughed out so hard. Your humor is the best.


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