Rumour: BlackBerry PlayBook to ship April 10, pre-order tomorrow

image courtesy of RIM.comWe don’t have much on this, so it could all turn out to be horribly wrong, but if Will Robertson is right, it looks like Sears Canada will begin taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook tomorrow, with shipping to follow on April 10th. As unusual as it seems for Sears of all places to be getting the jump on a hot gadget like the PlayBook, Robertson appears to have received an affiliate program email from them claiming that they will have it and that he should let his readers know.

That info, according to BoyGeniusReport, jibes with what they had heard and reported on – at least as far as the ship date is concerned.

Sadly, there’s no pricing attached to that email. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

So if you’ve already decided that the iPad 2 and the Motorola Xoom hold no interest for you and the PlayBook is the tablet to have, it may be worthwhile to check out when you wake up tomorrow.

Update, Mar 12: Looks like it was horribly wrong after all. No sign of  a pre-order on and Will Robertson’s original post has been updated to say “date is unconfirmed, hope it comes out soon, I can’t wait to get one.”  That’s because Sears slipped up and sent that first email by mistake. Check out their back-peddle:

***Playbook Correction Notice ***

Please note that the information about the Playbook launch dates is incorrect.  While Sears Canada will be selling the Playbook, the date that pre-ordering starts and the date that the Playbook will be available for sale are not yet confirmed.

Please remove any reference to the Playbook date immediately as they are not endorsed by Sears Canada

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to sharing Playbook order dates as they become available.

And in case you missed it, here’s our tablet round-up… er, minus the iPad 2…

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  1. Mickey Lizarditis

    Boring, this product will be dead on arrival.

    RIM is irrelevant, their products are boring and made for equally boring people


  2. philthy

    Ouf bad way to introduce this product! Sears?? WTF… No one under 30 een go there! and sure wont be my grandma buying this. Geez rim, you dont have it, greate hardware but dead on arrival fo sure


    • Simon Cohen

      Thanks for the update Will. Makes you wonder how it was possible for the first email to get sent out if the dates are now suddenly “unconfirmed” :-)


      • Will

        Yes I wish we could get a real date/price confirmation from RIM, the anticipation is killing me!

        I’m glad we are at least getting closer to availability, I’m closely watching Sears’ website so I can get my pre-order in :-)


  3. Paul

    looks like the apple fans are out in force. The playbook will not be perfect and I am sure there will be plenty of detractors especially fans of competing products. The Ipad is not perfect, The ipad2 is not perfect the galaxy tab is not perfect and the Xoom is not perfect. People should remember that when it is finally released. The thing is competitors have to start somewhere. I think the playbook will be a good start for RIM in the tablet arena. If the hardware is good, the software is good then it just means enough developers have to be on board as well. Without apps the hardware can be perfect, the OS can be perfect, but it won’t man anything without apps. Those who design fart apps please stay away…lol.