Polaroid debuts Lady Gaga-designed printer, camera-shades

Polaroid's Polarez GL20 camera-shades, designed by Lady Gaga

Polaroid's Polarez GL20 camera-shades, designed by Lady Gaga. Click for larger image.

Last week, during CES, Polaroid took the wraps off their new line of gadgets now known as “Grey Label by Haus of Gaga.” It’s a collection of three products and the culmination of a year’s worth of collaboration between the venerable instant-camera company and the chart-topping singer. As it turns out, Lady Gaga’s taste for the flamboyant and outlandish has only made itself apparent in one of the new products. The other two are merely stylish re-thinks of existing Polaroid products.

First up: The Polaprinter GL10, a rechargeable instant printer that uses ZINK paper and lets you print over Bluetooth or USB from cellphones, cameras or laptops. It’s essentially an upgrade of Polaroid’s existing PoGo Mobile Instant Printer, but with better print quality, stylish design and a custom app that lets you tweak photos before printing them.

Next is the Polaroid GL30, which again is re-vamped take on their existing PoGo Instant Camera, but this time the device has been built with a cool retro-looking wedge form factor and doubles as a digital photo frame when it is stood on its lens-end.

The piece-de-resistance however is the Polarez GL20, a curious hybrid of sunglasses, camera and digital photo frame that lets the wearer snap photos of their environment and immediately display the resulting pics on the built-in forward-facing OLED displays. Of the three devices that make up this new Grey Label line, none bears the stamp of the Haus of Gaga more than these babies. Will they sell? Perhaps. But not in any quantities that will be significant. Instead, consider GL20 to be marketing tool – a device that is very Gaga-esque and will no doubt get people talking and create positive buzz for Polaroid, but I think it will stop there. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the GL20s make an appearance in Lady Gaga’s next music video.



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  3. axiom

    It would be cool if one had an unobstructed view from behind the OLED screens when wearing the GL20. It would be even cooler if the GL20 could show video. It would be a big hit in Japan.


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