Motorola's ATRIX lets you dump your PC, permanently

Motorola ATRIX smartphone shown here docked into the optional LapDoc accessory

Motorola ATRIX smartphone shown here docked into the optional LapDoc accessory. Click for larger image.

Ever since the BlackBerry started to give people access to their email anywhere, and probably long before that, we’ve been imagining a day when the only computing device we need will be small enough to fit in our pockets. That day may be here, at least if Motorola has anything to say about it. Their new ATRIX smartphone, a dual-core speed demon boasting 1 GB of RAM, is the centre of an entire portable ecosystem that includes a laptop-like screen and keyboard combo and a home-theatre dock which turns the ATRIX into an HD media hub. It’s essentially just another Android-powered smartphone, but the ATRIX’s power and peripherals (and some very specialized custom software) make this Android device the first of its kind to free its user from ever again needing to power up a regular computer.

Update: Lapdoc pricing is rumoured to be $150 USD when it launches in February south of the border.



  1. Steve

    This thing is so tight. iPhone killer anyone? Just have to wait and see what the other companies come out with from this, but it should reign supreme for a while at least.


  2. AREM

    I’ve been holding off buying a new phone, e-reader (been looking at the Entourage eDGe) and or small tablet laptop for over a year now. I can wait another 2-3 months for this all encompassing device. My patience has paid off. Because I’m already with Bell, my accumulated points will help offset the introductory price. Bring on the Atrix.


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