Motorola XOOM: The first real iPad competitor?

Motorola XOOM, the first tablet to use Google's Honeycomb release of Android for tabletsAt a CES that was packed to the rafters with Android tablets – each one looking to capture a piece of the exploding market created and kick-started by Apple – there were few that managed to stand out from the crowd. But Motorola’s XOOM was an exception. Boasting a dual-core processor, unusual 16:10 screen ratio, the first implementation of Google’s “Honeycomb” version of Android (built specifically for tablets) and excellent battery life, the Xoom was named Best of Show. Check out this video to learn a little more about this device that will be hitting the market later this year.



  1. DrVex007

    A very cool device, BUT notice that they did not mention a direct comparison to the iPad. I wonder why? This device has some advantages over the iPad, BUT it will not beat the iPad for a few very simple reasons.
    First, half the people who buy an iPad do so to be cool. To have to explain what this thing is, is like explaining a joke. It deflates the experience. Second, Apple has the best APPS around. Sure Google is trying to do the same, but I would not buy this tablet YET, untll I see what becomes available for it. Also what is the battery life. What good is a book reader if you cannot read it for very long?
    So I am an interested consumer in the Xoom, but I am not sold yet.


    • Albert Von Sachsen

      The fact that you are not sold yet is perhaps due to the cool factor. As for me, I can`t understand the need to be cool. An I pad will cool you for about 5 minutes, then the cool wears off. Be yourself, the opinions of others should not guide your actions.


      • Ian W

        And runs Flash
        and had forward and rear cameras
        and has an output to a large screen
        and has full multitasking (several apps running at once)
        and has better comms connections

        And for some the main advantage is that it is not Apple


    • Sam

      The reason it doesn’t have as many apps is the same reason the Blackberry playbook doesn’t…it doesn’t need them. By implementing Flash 10.1, websites can be accessed in their entirety, something the ipad cannot do.


  2. Ruwan

    Very true. I don’t love Apple but Android is way too fragmented for my liking. When you buy an iOS device you just buy it and don’t have to think a whole lot about how long will I get the updates and so on. But when buying an Android device you have to think about will the manufactures care enough to provide me with the next software update for the device. The fact that we can’t just download the next update for Android through google as it comes along is what would ultimately kill Android.


  3. alex

    No way , it will never bet Apple iPad . Not a chance in hell even if it freeze over. Motorola is using windows base program and and we all know for a very long time , it has many programming flaws. Android is still in its infant stage and will be subjected to many viruse attack and will be hard to fix. Xoom looks like an Apple ipad, it more or less a want to be kind of devise a clone.


    • will

      android has nothing to do with windows. its a linux based os, which is about as secure and virus free as an os can get. do your research!


  4. Jonesy

    Can I hook it up to a smartboard? Can I word process? I can’t do those things with an iPAD and I am equally disinterested in this as an iPAD if I can’t do these things!


  5. Ryan

    I like the look of it better than the ipad, it should be a faster running unit than the ipad given the specs. However I have to agree with DrVex007 in saying one of the biggest hurdles any of Ipad’s competitors has to overcome is the vast library of apps, games and accessories available for the ipad. You could say the same with the smart phone market. I am a blackberry guy and I bought my girlfriend an Ipod Touch and I must say I would love some of the apps and games available for Ipod on my blackberry torch and there really isn’t anything blackberry apps has that Ipod doesn’t. I absolutely despize the idea of needing iTunes to load things on and off the Ipod however, wich keeps me much happier with the blackberry.


  6. lookinin

    Just by the fact that you’re NOT buying an over priced (over-egoed) Apple product is reason to feel cool. Cool isn’t obtained by being like the person next to you. It’s obtained by individualism. Certainly people have watched Steve Jobs enough to want to gag on his over-priced, over inflated products. Sure there are a gazillion useless (and some very useful) APPS for the Apple unit, but who wants to be tied to using Apple stuff such as iTunes etc.
    The Xoom will get major support. And it will vie for the Sensible market share similar to how RIM has punched Steve Jobs in the face with their incredible products without the begging pleeding and attack type press releases that we are all subjected to by that guy.


  7. Ryan

    P.S. to Alex and any other blind iphone/ipod/ipad/mac extreemist follower. The only thing that apple has proven with any of there items is that they are superior in one thing and one thing only, and that is MARKETING! Anyone who thinks otherwise is misinformed. I am someone who enjoys the freedom to be able to load and unload data at any time on any computer or on any device without haivng to load an application like iTunes onto the computer or device i would like to transfer data to or from. I also enjoy the ability to go to my local computer parts store and buy hardware piece by piece wether it be graphics card, sound card, add a few more internal hard drives, usb ports etc… to upgrade my computer the way I want it. I also enjoy being able to pull the battery out of my electronic devices and replace them if it’s not holding a charge for as long as it should anymore without having to ship it out. Also I’d like to note that most people who have issues with windows software are usually people who have little to no knowledge on how to use it properly to begin with. So if you dont like customizing your devices in more ways than physical looks and software then thye just might be the product for you.


      • Ryan

        I don’t understand? Is that comment because I have said something wrong or is it because you don’t have an argument? Just another apple fan judging something they know nothing about :)


    • Bob

      I can see by your comments that you are too young to know history. I give Bill Gates credit, he was smart enough to get great lawyers after Windows 3.1 copied the Mac OS. I spend more time training Windows IT Managers and users on how to use Windows, while I do not even own a Windows device.
      When was the last time that Microsoft invented? Steve Balmer admits that even if they are late to market, Microsoft will just keep at it i.e. trying to kill the competition. Unfortunately you have bought into sunset technology.
      Why are there so many Windows for Dummies books?


  8. Craig Hinchey

    Clearly the jury is still out concerning tablets. As far as the”cool factor” whatever device is deemed to be superior will get to don the mantel of “coolest.”
    It’s still early days but what ever device privides the consumer the most convergence of function will probably win.


  9. Brian

    More of a marketing waste, including the iPad and all other “i” stuff. Just goes to show how fickle the general public is.
    Not too long ago, cell phones, PAD’s, and laptops were getting larger screens. Then, they decided that people wanted to watch video on a postage stamp sized device. Then they realized you can’t see crap on them, so then they made them large again. These tablets are just a slimer reincarnation of a netbook with cellular connection, yet the netbooks were deemed too small and have died off.
    Cool, not cool, cool, not cool. I can see buying into something useful that is supposed to be ground breaking and an improvement, but all they are doing is rehashing just like the fashion industry so you keep feeding Apple and the other filthy rich companies your money yearly.
    How does one carry those in their pocket? I guess you get an “iPad backpack”, that costs $250, and still not call it a laptop.
    You want to impress me? Make something that is as good it can be the first time, so I don’t have to scrap it like like some useless soup can every 4 months!
    Another thing, these phones and tablets are getting too big for my pockets, and so is the stupidity.


  10. Tony

    Someone should post a sign to these conventions: “All those who enter, take heed that you WON’T be knocking off Apple anytime soon.”

    Apple has been both a hardware and software developer for decades now. Apple knows what they’re doing, as they’ve been competing against a certain GIANT for decades … Microsoft. For you ppl out there who think that the Apple brand is a “flash in the pan”, think again. This is the same company that only wanted 1% of the cell-phone market… and look where they are now.

    The Apple brand would need to experience a major “hic-up”, and a huge turn of events with mis-diagnosing the marketplace, before things could change. Here is an icon of technology, current day trends, and all of these suitors knocking at the gates, trying to get in … claw in, but Apple won’t have it at all.

    Power to the PowerMac!


    • Eric13

      I have to agree with Tony. Aplle is a HUGE company who has the skill to still be in this business after ages. You can’t deny it.Motorolla’s great, but won’t take over Apple OR Microsoft.


    • Genome

      I’m guessing you’re under 35 or so. Apple was the GIANT originally. They were easier to use and had a lock on Education and anything reuqiring graphic/desktop publishing (such as it was then). Then they had a major “hic-up” and were almost toast. Only to be saved in part by Bill Gates, yes, that Bill Gates.

      Yes, they’ve had a pretty good run at successful products and have learned some lessons but they are not immune to imploding.

      Almost all of the critical systems of the world run on something other than Apple software/hardware. In the grand scheme of things their products are really just toys IMHO. As such you should buy the toy that gives you the most for your money. If it’s considered cool then that’s a bonus.


  11. William

    I agree entirely with Brian. The elecronics industry is fleecing the customers with fashionable gadgets that will not be supported in a few months or a year. And the gullible consumers buy them because it looks good (or cool). What ever happened to manufacturing a first class quality product that people want and can use year after year with only the occasional software upgrade. If a manufacturer did that they could corner the market and make a real killing. And lets not forget, a lot of the mobile devices work via a network, and they ain’t free. At the end of the year you’v paid 1, 2 or more grand just so you can access stuff online. Why do you need to. The phone companies and internet providers are laughing all the way to the bank. Wake up, your getting robbed.


  12. Not convinced

    One of the reasons that Apple products are popular is that they enable people to leverage the technology without having to have a “bits and bytes” level understanding of the software or hardware. Sure with an Apple product you are tied to iTunes and maybe not have the flexibility to do things with your devices that an Android platform that some poeple might want to, but they may not have the technical competence or interest to do so. The Apple platforms, for the most part, are fool-proof. I think there is a valid argument on both sides. Apple does have incredible industrial design, which is evident in that all the other manufacturers are trying to make their tablets look very similar to the iPad or their smartphones look like the iPhone.

    The problem that I have with any of the tablets is the size, they don’t really function as effectively as a PC, but they aren’t as portable as a smartphone or an iPod Touch. I have a Touch, which I think is incredibly cool with the amount of things that it does and I can still throw it in my pocket. I haven’t seen the pants yet that fit a tablet in your pocket. Maybe next year.


  13. Numbums

    Tablet in India can be produced at 50$ Canadian or close to half of present day netbook prices. Internet other than thru cell phone towers isn’t free just yet. Netcafe distances isn’t enough; it should be ranged at lot further thru above FM to just below microwave oven and satellite frequencies.


  14. WowWowWtf

    WTF LOL! Okay, first of all the “Ipad” is just a fancy toy. Its just like a biger verion of the i pod touch! I mean you dont need this, is a waste of money. If you absoulty NEED internet conection you can just take your laptop with you? Whats the difference? Apple makes the smallest and lighest laptops out there… So this ipad is just a a LITTLE bit more functional… because u dont have to open it, its just a screen


  15. I Dont Know

    Hey i have a question thats compleatly off topic here but…
    If any of you have a blackberry pls help .
    Okay so i got a new BB and and it apperently has built it WiFi, i tried setting up the WiFi in ALL the ways possible and it still dosent work…?
    I recently lost the sim also so maby because of that? i dont know.
    Its with Koodo …
    If anyone knows whats wrong please tell me.


  16. common conscience

    If Apple and Motorola and every other company can produce junk like this with the modern technology available….then why can’t we solve world hunger or have world peace. Seems to me there is a lot of money wasted on useless crap and people buy into this drivel to fill an empty hole in their lives. Do something meaningful and give back to this broken world and make it a better place to live rather than buying a hunk of plastic and circuitry that will some day end up on a yard sale table for $2.00.


  17. sagar

    They should come with the things that Apple does not provide to able to get the consumer get their product. for Example USB – and many unlocked software, because the most hated thing about apple’s ipad and ipod and iphone is that u need itune. you can not do anything with out itune and almost everything else is blocked in terms of transfering data to one place to another place. There are apps but the point is – it’s not that user friendly and even youtube – Flash player does not work. so if this has all the things that apple has and + more. This is the bestest :)


  18. John

    If they have internet connection, will iPAD or Xoom work with a Magic Jack phone with VOIP?

    An iPAD sales girl talked me out of buying. Her’s was replaced 4 times in the first year. Then she was out of warranty and worried about further problems.

    They have a lot of moving parts inside, I am told.


  19. david

    it would be pointless to buy either one as in about 2 months theyll be replaced in a month if youve payed attention you should know apple is basically constantly upgrading and replacing designs that came out a few months ago there moving way to fast


  20. Chadwick

    The Ipad is just for the people that don’t have the knowledge to do anything technical. If you have to use itunes to put anything on a device then it isn’t worth having. Plus you can’t even add flash player nor do word processing. Are you kidding me you can’t do word processing.

    So the Apps are a little better then the Android Apps from what Apple people say. LOL. The Apple apps have been out longer so ofcourse the apps are going to be a little better but you ahve to pay for 40% more apps then on Android. You pay for about 30% of the Apps on Android and 70% of the Apps for Apple.

    It wouldn’t be smart to buy even the Xoom right now. In a month or 2 there will be 5 other tablets like the Xoom. The Xoom though does have everything that you want on a tablet so it is the best choice otherwise you won’t be able to do everything you want on a computer type device if you get an ipad.


  21. drumbo

    This is not a battle between Apple or Motorola……Ipad or XOOM……nor the Apple OS and Android. Apple has a niche that likely will never be replaced by the others due to huge momentum.

    At this time it’s a war of survival between all the other Android run tablets. The ultimate win going to the few tablet manufacturer that appeal most to all the non-Apple consumers.

    Have you ever noticed we don’t all drive the same cars……I wonder why? Probably because one isn’t better than the other…..but different.

    The human race is funny that way….be a lemming or an individualist…our purchasing decisions are triggered by many factors. Some very personal others unexplainable ….



  22. JB

    Apple fanboys will never admit there is a lot better tech offered out there (phones, tablets, notebooks), admitting it will make them regret paying so much money for overprice products so instead they will defend their supreme lord and commander S.Jobs

    Its a good thing that Google is going against Apple since Microsoft is too busy generically making money to correctly innovate. We will see a result of better products offered to the public regardless of which side you are on.

    So far Apple relies way too much in their marketing team telling their loyal zombies what to buy. They slap the same software (IOS is still relatively the same) in a prettier sparkling hardware (like OMG! look at the Retina display) with one key addition to over promote ( facetime camera, thinness) and sell it for whatever price they want. Its genius!, they will never bow down to offer discounts in their products even for Black Friday. but this has given them disadvantage because this bossy attitude only worked against windows.

    As far as Android, it was nonexistent until powerhouses: Google, Verizon, and Motorola put it in the face of the earth through 2010. It hasn’t existed for long and its already taking 26% of smartphones market ( surpassed Apple Iphone) The OS is refreshing (fast, live wallpapers, notebook like experience in the palm of your hand and professional) So far everybody in the tech market has jumped in the bandwagon and offered hardware wired with Google OS, including markets in US, Asia and Europe. It has been innovative but it lacks history and thus a higher support of applications and a way to go against Apple’s successful Itunes.

    I personally don’t care what brand i carry in my pocket as long as it is truly innovative and surpasses the others offered.

    I’d simply would like to point some issue I had with Apple being too good to give us a discount for tech that is offered cheaper and better from other sources. This is what Android is doing, and more importantly I would like for Apple to actually come up with something better than Android, then in return Android come up with something better than Apple. This is how we keep a healthy level of competition going that benefits us in the end.

    The Introduction of Android will make sure Apple is in its toes and will require Google to actually finish this product before they move on to the next “Big thing” if they want a successful product.

    So far Apple is just pretty but that’s about it, it is starting to look like Apple is the new Windows falling behind Google’s new Apple-like software done right and without sprinkles and childish rubbish in it.


    • drumbo

      The best part of all these new efforts is that prices will drop while features improve.

      All consumers win!!


  23. OldTeddyBear

    1 I am not an apple fan but I have an Iphone
    2 I have checked out quite a few android tablets

    The biggest difference between almost any Android device maker and Apple comes down to legacy support. Apple is absolutely fantastic at it and everyone else looks forward to getting out the next best thing and forget the devices of the past. This is a fundamental problem of effective generic operating systems (I hate to say it but linux, android etc. are prime examples and windows is a secondary example). What does this mean… your device does not have to be replaced every 6 months so that it will run the latest revision of the software.

    Will I buy an Ipad not likely as it will not allow me to go to the web pages that I need to go to. Will I buy an android tablet, not certain as by the time I have gone through a full review the next version with better features will be out and I will have to check that one first.


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