Up-close and personal with the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM's PlayBook Tablet was shown to CES attendeesOne thing’s for sure: Android has become the de-facto operating system for every manufacturer looking to market a tablet device this year (other than Apple). There was one notable exception however, and it came in the form of RIM’s 7-inch PlayBook – a device that runs a brand new OS from QNX and which RIM claims is the only example of “true” multi-tasking in the tablet world. Will it be enough to beat the iPad and Motorola’s recently hailed Xoom?



      • marc


        I am in the software business myself and when one of my users says that something is wrong I usually validate the complaint first before ansewring.

        This way I don’t make a fool of myself.

        In this case, I never saw this video before so it would not be in my cache, yet I get the same giraffe video as Bob.


      • Simon Cohen

        Hey Marc, while I appreciate you confirming Bob’s experience, I could do without the suggestion that I didn’t try to repro his problem before replying. I did. That said, I think I’ve discovered why I was seeing something different than both of you and I think it’s now fixed. Please LMK if that’s not the case.