Motorola debuts ATRIX smartphone as Bell exclusive in Canada

The Motorola ATRIX

The Motorola ATRIX

This year at CES, several themes have become apparent to observers: 3D is here to stay, TV’s are now the entertainment hub of living room, tablets are on fire and smartphones are becoming er, smarter.

As if to prove this last point, Motorola, which has enjoyed good reviews for their Android-powered phones but hasn’t quite achieved the success of its competitors such as Samsung and HTC, has come out with both guns blazing. Their new take on the smartphone is more than just a fancy handset – it is quite fancy – they’ve bolstered the unit with not one but two companion devices that position the ATRIX as the ultimate mobile road warrior.

First up, the phone itself –  it runs Android 2.2 – not Honeycomb which is the upcoming release specifically for tablets. Now I’m going to quote liberally from the press release…

Motorola ATRIX delivers unprecedented mobile computing capabilities in a package less than 11mm thin, including:

  • Motorola ATRIXA full 1 GB of fast, PC-grade RAM is twice more than offered in most other smartphones and delivers effortless multi-tasking, such as watching a movie while receiving and responding to email.
  • The world’s first qHD smartphone display, offering high resolution and 24-bit colour, making it easier to read indoors and outdoors
  • A dual-core 1 GHz processor capable of opening web pages twice as fast as most other smartphones, rendering games faster and displaying HD video on big-screen TVs
  • Front and rear facing cameras for video chat and the ability to record and output in HD.
  • Biometric fingerprint reader for easily unlocking your phone while providing extra security
  • Under 11mm thin, but with an extra large 1930 mAh battery for extended standby and talk time
  • Keep up to date on social networks with automatic delivery of messages through MOTOBLUR, also adding the ability to locate, wipe and restore the device data if lost
  • Up to 48GB of storage (16GB internal and optional 32GB MicroSD card) – enough to store thousands of songs, photos and as many as 15 full-length movies
  • Mobile Hotspot service for connecting up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices
Motorola's ATRIX seen here attached to the Lapdock accessory

Motorola's ATRIX seen here attached to the Lapdock accessory

And the accessory docks:

  • The Motorola HD Multi-Media Dock has three USB ports and an HDMI port, enabling connections to a keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers or HDMI monitor for working on traditional PC tasks, and connects to an HDMI-enabled television and home theater audio system for enjoying video, music, games and more.
  • The Motorola Laptop Dock has an incredibly thin laptop-like industrial design with an 11.6-inch screen and full keyboard. Users simply dock their Motorola ATRIX into the back for working and playing on the go.

As you might expect, there is no word on price or launch date yet, but Bell clearly wants people to get on the ATRIX bandwagon and has conveniently set up a sign-up page similar to the ones they made for the Galaxy S and iPhone handsets before they came out. You can find it here:

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  1. Excellenta

    Excellent idea for upping a Smartphone almost to a more advanced netbook and present day Apple tablet systems. If netbooks had a minimun of a 1380 by 800 display with 24 to 32 bit graphics lcd led backlighting display included with a cpu and gpu speed that has mp4 and above hardware offloading, then all things will be just dandy better occasional use compared to beforehand.


  2. Phil

    I can see this as a way cool device for class, battery life will determine that. ?can u talk while plugged into the dock using budds or a speaker? Like getting a call while surfing or taking notes?


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