Updated: Yahoo *isn't* shutting down del.icio.us… yet.

Delicious isn't dead... yet.

Delicious isn't dead... yet.

It’s a sad day for the many people who have come to rely on del.icio.us, a very popular social bookmarking site. Yahoo, which bought the site in 2005, is now in the midst of shutting it down after deeming it an “off-strategy product.” This news comes to us via TechCrunch who verified the story with a WSJ reporter as well as with Yahoo itself, mere days after announcing it had layed off 4% of its staff in a recent downsizing exercise. Some people will remember delicious as one of the sites that kicked web 2.0 into high gear back when it launched in 2003.

And while this will certainly be disruptive, there are alternatives for people now forced to seek a new home for their bookmarks. Andrew has written several times about the excellent Xmarks site which not only organizes your bookmarks, but synchronizes them across multiple browsers, platforms and devices. Xmarks is the tool I have come to depend on for bookmarking as it lets me keep my personal and professional sites all neatly organized in one place.

Lifehacker has assembled a few other options to consider. To begin the process of migrating your bookmarks out of delicious, start with their import/export page here.

So Sync readers, will this announcement change things for you or were you never big users of delicious to begin with?

Update: According to Delicious’s blog, the service is not being shuttered, with Yahoo opting instead to find another home (owner) for the product. So it seems Delicious has a stay of execution at the least and possibly new masters in the longer term. However, with no buyer immediately on the horizon, Delicious’s future is far from certain.



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    • Simon Cohen

      Hey Joel, I think that was true a little while ago, but more recently Xmarks was acquired by LastPass so they’ll be sticking around. There’s even a premium option too.


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  3. Pingback: Tweets that mention Yahoo closing delicious, says it's "off-strategy" | Sync™ Blog -- Topsy.com
  4. martin

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  5. Microshaft

    Looks like Microsoft strikes again (incase you MORONS don’t know, Microsoft owns Yahoo, and makes all definitive decisions).

    That’s what you retards get, for support Yahoo/Microsoft. Too bad, b/c delicious is worth keeping.