Facebook Mail: the next step in world domination?

facebook-mailSo here’s something that should come as virtually no surprise to anyone who has marveled at Facebook’s stunning growth and popularity: according to tech blog TechCrunch, the 500 million + member social network will announce on Monday that they are launching their own email platform to compete with Google, Yahoo! and the old stalwart, Hotmail er, Windows Live Mail.

As impactful as such a move will no doubt be, for a massive number of Gen-Y’ers it may elicit little more than a “whatever”. That’s because Facebook has already become their de-facto messaging platform. Yes, they have gmail accounts or other web-based email solutions that they use for traditional correspondence, but wall posts, status updates and private messaging within the existing Facebook ecosystem has largely replaced basic email, which for some has become passé.

So why would Facebook want its own email solution? Well, other than giving the rest of their membership with a reason to conduct even more of their online lives within Facebook’s walls, Gizmodo points out that Facebook knows so much about its members interests and activities and friendships that they alone will be able to enhance the email experience beyond simple threaded conversations into something much more meaningful.

The influence being wielded by Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter is huge, especially in the hardware and web-services development community. Marc Andreesen’s latest venture (he’s the guy who started Netscape) is a new web browser based on Google’s Chrome called RockMelt. RockMelt won’t even run without being signed into Facebook, and its goal is to merge your social and web-surfing experiences into a single application. If this idea takes off, it probably won’t be long before we see Facebook launch its own browser, an idea that has already received wide speculation.

So readers, if Monday does indeed bring us the advent of Facebook email platform, will you be jumping on-board and dumping your current email provider, or is the idea of having that much of your life in one place just too freaky?



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  2. J Schenck

    We don’t want any kind of: “world-domination”.
    Any technical advancement is welcome where it leads to World-Wide-Democracy!!


  3. Lala

    I would not switch to this. I don’t think facebook has the best reputation for confidentiality. It’s bad enough what is put on facebook now, but then to have all your emails stored with with facebook email I don’t know about that.


  4. Gary Jones

    So frustrating that I submitted a proposal to Mark months ago, one that would have revolutionized the way we all use the internet and been a new direction for Facebook, but, as with all these arrogant companies, no one ever responds. Creativity is dead in America.


  5. Paul

    Would not use it for the very reasons mentioned. Facebook knows too much already. How people can share so much of themselves there amazes me. When they get up, when they go to bed, there personal lives. I guess privacy means little to this generation. Not that any other mail company wouldn’t scour your email contents if they wanted, but the concept isn’t interesting in the least at least to me.


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