Facebook iPhone app update trashes album uploads

The home screen of Facebook's latest iPhone app. Where's the camera? Click to enlarge.

The home screen of Facebook's latest iPhone app. Where's the camera? Click to enlarge.

I admit, in the grand scheme of things, this is a trivial issue – a minor bump in the road and I should probably just stop writing and enjoy my Friday.

But I can’t.

As a new iPhone 4 user, and as someone who has recently decided to upload a photo a day to his Facebook account, I’m irked. Here’s the problem: it seems that the new version of Facebook for the iPhone has a bug. It no longer lets you decide where you want to upload your photos to – such as a specific album. Instead, your photos all go to the “Mobile Uploads” album whether you like it or not. Moreover, adding photos is now a buried feature instead of being available straight from the homepage of the app.

I’ve found a few other people who are frustrated as well, and one of them suggested that deleting and reinstalling the app would bring back the album upload. No such luck.

I can’t imagine why Facebook would want to take such a big step back with their app, especially given their increasing focus on the mobile world.

Here’s hoping they come to their senses and fix this bug… I have Movember photos that I want to share… but not with the whole world ;-)



  1. Hammie

    I’m glad you wrote this article because I seriously thought it was just a bug with my app when I downloaded it. This is SO dumb because I’ve been uploading pictures from my iPhone for ages to a certain cleverly named album and now having to just use Mobile Uploads is SOOO ANNOYING!!!!

    Let’s hope they fix the problem soon!!!


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  3. George

    This change is un-forgivable.In this day and age when you have trained your users to use a function, to take it away and not tell them is wrong. I went thru the start and stop, turn off, turn on attempts.Noticed this morning that there is a newer version than what I have on my Iphone…can’t update it via the app store…keeps telling me it’s already installed…(it is but I’d to get the most recent version guys!)
    too many complications for this. Very unfortunate.


  4. PhotoUpLink

    The new PhotoUpLink for iPhone uploads Facebook albums to the new high resolution 2048 pixel size. Its a free download on the App Store now uplink.to/5o