Netflix now disc-free on Wii and PS3

Netflix's streaming video service for the Wii

Netflix's streaming video service for the Wii

Well this just makes sense. I’ve never understood why you had to use a disc to get Netflix up and running on the Wii or the PS3 when both of these consoles support downloadable games/applications and have more than enough memory to run them. Starting today, go ahead and hit that eject button because the era of disc-based Netflix streaming is over. In Canada, PS3 owners have always had the disc-free option, but Wii users still needed the disc.

According to a blog post published today by Netflix’s VP of Product Development, Greg Peters, this change comes with an entirely new user interface as well:

In addition to removing the need for discs, we’ve developed a new user interface on both applications that significantly improves the experience. The new applications will allow you to search for content directly from the device and you’ll also be able to view an increasing portion of our content library with subtitles or alternate audio tracks.

But wait, the good news train isn’t stopping here – there’s more excitement for PS3 owners … “starting today you’ll be able to instantly watch some movies and TV shows in 1080p high definition with Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound.” Netflix said more devices would be added over time to support streaming digital surround sound – hopefully the brand-new Apple TV will be amongst the first to be upgraded.

These are both worthy developments for the recently-launched service here in Canada, however based on discussions I’ve had with people who have signed up, the real improvement that is sorely needed is an increase in the number of titles in the Canadian catalog.

One subscriber observed that there isn’t a single movie from Disney for instance, which is frustrating if you’re a parent of pre-teens.

Netflix has already committed to growing its catalog for Canadian subscribers, but there has been no announcement regarding how soon or how many titles will be added.

So Sync readers – especially those of you who have subscribed to Netflix, what do you make of these announcements? Have you tried the new interface and if so, is it the improvement that Netflix claims?



  1. John

    So far I am not impressed with the movies/tv shows available on Netflix.
    Most of the time when I search for something, I get the message:
    “This show is not available but you might enjoy these titles.”
    Right now the monthly fee is not worth it, in my opinion.
    I will not join them until their selection improves.


  2. Nightrider

    Patience, people. Netflix just got here; it will take some time (sooner than you think) to get a lot of titles added. There are no *instantaneous* launch for any product here. By xmas, I am willing to bet that the things will be lot better. Now we have a choice. Until now either we paid exorbitant amount to get very little from……. you know who……… Competition is healthy.


  3. Robert Gilhouly

    Netflix is legal, inexpensive and easy to use. The PS3 console already serves up a good picture and the selection of foreign films has opened up a new viewing world to me. As demand grows so will the available titles or maybe visa-versa. I will be checking out the HD films today but in any case I am in for the long haul.


  4. Joe

    Great but not very useful in Canada. With our cable package from Rogers a 60 gig cap/month is not very good for streaming since we have 4 computers in the house and 3 kids.
    Here in Canada I don’t think we have 250 gig caps like some states have.

    So, streaming a 3-5 gig file for watching movies will quickly eat up our bandwidth and add up to extra costs.

    Netflix is a great choice but not very practical here.

    I’ll stick to going to Blockbuster for now.