Where to buy an iPhone 4 in Canada

image courtesy of Apple.com

image courtesy of Apple.com

Every Apple Store will be carrying the iPhone 4 tomorrow (July 30th) in both the locked and unlocked flavours. The doors open at 7 a.m. so if you plan to hit one of the popular locations like Toronto’s Eaton Centre you should probably arrive early.

Shopping online for the iPhone 4 is also an option if you want the unlocked edition.

If you don’t require the full Apple experience, then you’ll be able to grab the iPhone at select Bell World locations¬†and Rogers Wireless outlets. Check out these links for pricing info from all of the carriers:

Bell Mobility

Rogers Wireless

Virgin Mobile



As of the writing of this post, Telus has still not updated their website with pricing information, but it’s a fair assumption¬† that they will be on par with the other two providers.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Update Jul 30, 9:12 AM EST: BestBuy  and FutureShop are now reporting that they too are carrying the iPhone 4 today and that you can sign up with any of the carriers that support the device (TELUS, Bell, Rogers, Fido, Virgin Mobile).

Update Jul 30, 3:32 PM EST: TELUS now has pricing info as well. Thanks for the tip Joan.

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  1. Marcy

    i cant find this phone ANYWHERE!!! i wanted to go with Rogers but there all sold out, they dont do waiting lists and they dont know when there going to get more! Frustrated, i went to search Telus, Bell and Fido… and same thing. It seems like no one has any and no one knows when they will get any… very very frustrating!