Oh no they didn't! The iPad skateboard

ipad-skateboardThere’s a disturbing trend online, in which people rush out and buy the latest hot gadget – anything from the PS3 to Apple’s new iPad – and then proceed to smash the hell out of the thing while capturing the insanity on video.

Is it commentary? A form of protest? Or is it merely the desire to accumulate millions of views of your exploits on the web for bragging rights?

Whatever the motivation, the trend isn’t showing any signs of abating. If anything, it’s growing and evolving.

The latest incarnation of public device destruction comes in the somewhat more creative form of “Will it Shred?“, a spoof of the infamous “Will It Blend?” series of videos in which devices are unceremoniously dumped into a blender and then pulverized for our amusement. “Will it Shred?” asks the dubious question of whether a device can be turned into a skateboard.

Given that today is “iPad Pre-Order Day” here in Canada, it seemed fitting to draw your attention to the latest installment of “Will It Shred”, in which the two hosts of the show attempt to turn Apple’s latest gadget into a ride-able platform with wheels.

The result is the kind of device-mutilating carnage that will have Apple fanboys waking up in a cold sweat after reliving the episode in their nightmares.

For everyone else, it will just seem like a ridicluous waste of money.

But why take my word for it? Check out all of the skateboard silliness over at Push.ca.


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