Masters golf tournament first national Canadian 3D broadcast

tiger-woods-3DIf you’re one of the few in Canada who have bravely stepped up to become an early adopter of the new 3D-capable HDTVs that just hit retail shelves, we’ve got some good news. Bell TV will be airing rounds three and four of the 2010 Masters Tournament in 3D HD this weekend.

The 3D feed, which is originating from Augusta, Georgia┬ávia Comcast’s network and being distributed internationally, will be broadcast in commercial-free 3D HD from 5 pm to 7 pm ET on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11.

The broadcast will be free to Bell TV’s HD subscribers and viewable on channel 1000. Bell TV’s HD receivers are already 3D-ready, so the only extra equipment you’ll need is a 3D-capable TV and compatible 3D glasses. In case you’re wondering how well golf on TV translates into 3D, BusinessWeek reports that industry analysts who had a chance to preview the experience “claim the technology translates well to golf, due to the wide-open, outdoor setting of the sport and the noticeable variations in course topography.”

Disclosure: Sync is owned and operated by Bell Canada



  1. Devon

    I agree with Big_Dady_514. Get something that is exciting and closer to home! The Stanley Cup Playoffs are starting soon, and there are Canadian teams involved. Why not open the 3D era with a bang?


    • Steve

      Sorry guys, I have to disagree. Golf has much more deepth visually and translates much better in 3D than hockey ever could. I don’t want to get into the many technical reasons why golf is also better demonstration sport to show off the 3D viewing experiance but I have seen it at ESPN’s 3D viewing room here in Augusta and it looks brilliant. I understand the love for the Canadian game of hockey but try not to be selfish. There are many ways of doing 3D and some look amazing while others fall short. The people that are in Augusta also happen to be the engineers that made the movie Avatar the box office success that it was. If you get a chance go see it for the wow factor. Enjoy


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  4. BigD

    Sorry Steve

    Love golf and love hockey. Part of the 3D effect is not just the depth but also the movement and action. Hockey in 3D would be like you have a bench seat. Golf would give you beautiful views as if you’re at the course but the action in hockey would be more like you’re on the ice … or damn close to it.