How to skip those annoying DVD trailers

angry_about_trailersI now owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tom Merrit and the gang over at CNET. Today they shared a tip which will improve life on the couch considerably: How to skip past all those annoying trailers that occupy a good 15-30 minutes of time on your DVDs.

I’ve always thought: This is ridiculous. I can barely stand being forced to watch trailers and ads at the theatre, but at least there I see that there is an additional revenu stream for the theatre owners and maybe, just maybe, by screening them my movie ticket price will stay the same for just a little longer.

And sometimes trailers at the theatre can be entertaining. Not so on a DVD – especially after the 2nd, 3rd or X viewing. If you have kids, you know what I mean.

And what give with the trailers anyway? I bought the movie, and the movie is what I want to see. Not the trailers. Whenever we’re lucky enough to buy a DVD that hasn’t been laden down with all of these utterly useless clips, I’m thankful.

Yeah, yeah you say – we agree! But what can we, the little people who have so little control in the big scheme of things, do about it?

Here’s what: Grab your remote as soon as that first trailer starts to play, press the Stop button twice, then the Play button once. That’s it.

According to CNET, this simple button sequence should work on nearly every DVD player (let us know if it doesn’t work on yours, and which one you’ve got).

Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your kids… our movies are finally ours again.



  1. simon

    I am going to try that the moment I get home. I usually use the jump to next chapter button but that is still a little time consuming, your way sounds much better!


  2. Allan

    Imagine if they integrated ads into cars like movies today. Ten years after you purchased and now own your car your family vacation to disney world begins with…

    (3 minutes at 2x volume) Coming soon to Universal Studios…Jurassic Park, the ride.. .. ……

    I have a lot of DVDs from 5+ years ago but have not purchased recently being more of a roadwarrior with work. I’m sure I’ll be very annoyed if I bought a few DVDs. Not buying BR for a long time either.