Bell TV launches remote PVR programming

Bell-TV-remote-PVRGood news for PVR addicts who find themselves away from home when they suddenly realize there isn’t enough room on their hard drive to record that show coming on in a few hours. Bell TV has launched a remote PVR management system that can be accessed online via a web browser or via a compatible smartphone.

Here’s how it works:

  • You need to have either the 9242 or 9241 Bell PVR Plus receivers (with or without an external HD)
  • You must have broadband internet access (min. of 256kbps)
  • You need to be able to connect your PVR via an ethernet cable to your home router or…
  • you can buy a HomePlug adapter (known as a Home Connect Kit) from a Bell World Store, or online at for about $50

To access your PVR from the web, you need to log into your online account at

samsung-omnia-2If you want to use your smartphone, you’ll need the corresponding app.

For BlackBerry models 8830, 8330, 8530, 9630, 9000 & 9700 or the Samsung Omnia 2, you can download the app OTA (over the air) by pointing your mobile browser to
(BlackBerry owners – check your home screen, you may already have the Remote PVR icon there)

There is an app coming soon to the iTunes App Store for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but in the meantime, you should be able to just use the built-in Safari browser. The same goes for the Palm Pre – just use your browser and head over to

Once you’ve got it all set up, you should be able to manage the entire contents of your PVR, including deleting recorded events, scheduling new events, check remaining disk space, adjust the priority of recordings and manage any conflicts.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • The remote PVR system will not work with “PVR-ready” systems like the 6141, in other words, you must have one of the receivers that already has PVR functionality “out of the box”
  • When connecting the 9242 or 9241 receivers via the Home Connect (HomePlug) kit, you only need one side of the typical two-sided HomePlug system, because these receivers already have HomePlug chips embedded – but you will need to ensure they are plugged directly into an AC wall socket and not a power bar or other surge-supressing equipment (these devices interfere with the HomePlug signal)
  • If you have an external hard drive connected to your PVR for additional recording space, you can see the recordings that you have on it, but you cannot manage them remotely

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  1. Jeff

    I think that his is a great idea BUT I have a 6131 with external hard drive and found out you can’t use it WHY? It has the ethernet port in the back. Maybe soon there will be an update.


  2. Robson

    The fact that 6131 with ethernet ports in the back and external hard drives cannot be accessed using this link is a practical waste. I suggest that Bell rectify this by providing an update immediately. These prohibitive principles only make customers and clients lose interest in service providers. There are options such Sling Media already available that allows manipulating the entire programming content from anywhere in the world.


    • BMArmstrong

      Very typical of Bell. Come out with new products and services and leave the people that made it all possible behind! We need much stiffer rules to protect consumers from this type of “negative optioning”! What is the choice they give you? Buy a new unit or get left behind! Nice business ethics eh? Very typical indeed!


  3. Alex

    Yeah seriously!!!

    No 6131 support? Man you guys are so lame and stupid. Who the hell made the decision not to support customers who have the HD box with PVR capabilities? Geez wake up Bell you friggin’ morons.


  4. j27srl

    6131? Throw that thing in the trash. This is a premium feature for a premium box of premium customers. Rock on what a cool feature !!!


  5. j27srl

    The Premium idiots are the ones with 6131’s ! The TV business is going to get more and more like the cell phone business. If you don’t like the idea of buying another box then rent it and have Bell change it every time a new box comes out.


  6. Drew

    more like the cell phone business??? really?? what planet did you come from?

    lame answer from a lame troll..

    and yes, way to go bell, make everybody pay more.. idiots just had the 6131’s on for $99 right after Christmas and now pull this.. typical.

    I am thinking about going to shaw, screw bell, I think I’ve had enough.

    tried rogers, worst customer service ever, I will go without before going back to them..


  7. xyx

    bell sucks! i switched from shaw thinking bell is better.. but its a crap… repeated channels all over… probably go back to shaw!


    • Wayne

      Repeated channels I’m guessing are either Eastern or Western Feeds.

      These allow for time shifting of program start times and give greater flexibility for recording shows. i.e. If you have 4 shows you want to PVR and all are on at 8pm you have to choose which you want to watch, which you want to record and which you are going to miss altogether. With time shifting the 4 shows can be found on four channels and often at different times – now you can go out and set the PVR to record them all.