Zune HD arrives in Canada (sort of)

zune-hdTigerDirect.ca is offering the Zune HD in the 16GB capacity for $219, which is odd because Microsoft has not spoken a single word about their plans to bring the Zune HD to this country since its launch in the U.S. last year.

There remains no mention of this model on the official Canadian Zune site.

So this could simply be an inventory glitch on Tiger’s site – they have been known to offer U.S.-only products to Canadians in the past, though generally their .ca site reflects the rest of the state of Canadian retail.

If you were dying to jump on the Zune HD bandwagon, it seems now is your chance, at least without the hassle of cross-border shopping – who knows how long this apparent glitch will remain? Though keep in mind, there is still no Zune Marketplace in Canada so you’ll have to buy your music on iTunes or another online retailer. You do buy your music don’t you? ;-)

Here’s the link.

Update Jan 13 1:31 PM ET: Looks like Tiger got wise to the glitch, as the item is now showing as unavailable.



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  2. Andrew Gillies

    Well,Bend Over Canadians who want ‘Zune’ not ‘I POD’.
    Dear Microsoft what is going on, In the economic climate of today does it not make sense to get sales in Canada ? One minute we had the product now we do not!
    Why all the secrecy ?
    Tell us what is happening. Please.



  3. Canadiophile

    Man, I’m english though my Canadian significant life partner (girf’) is over in Canadia visiting her folks. Was gonna ask her to get me one hence how I ended up on this site. Damn you Bill, I mean Steve.


  4. Dean

    I can’t believe this! I was tired of iPod problems and such, as well as a general new life stance to not give money to Apple. Researched, found the Zune HD, fell in love, went to buy..NOT IN CANADA! Unbelievable I thought, I want to give Microsoft my money but they won’t take it! That’s certainly a rare occurrence!

    I hope Microsoft gets their act together and releases the Zune HD here somehow, someway, or my wallet may unfortunately be going back to the evil Mr. Jobs. Seriously, I don’t even care that HD radio won’t work in Canada!


  5. Terry

    I read recently that Apple is now bigger than Microsoft. I must admit, this doesn’t surprise me..Apple management is probably one of the most creative business teams on the planet. Microsoft, on the other hand, is still just a bunch of the “old boys club” who believe that as long as they protect their OS and Office they can make a lot of buckaroos.

    They are right..but, if I may paraphrase: “Don’t put all your eggs in TWO baskets!”

    I own a Zune 120 with two docks. The Zune HD probably has the best screen of any handheld viewer–Microsoft Canada should be beating down the Executive Doors, but it’s just too comfortable to sit nursing their two eggs.

    For those that want one, neither newegg.ca nor tigerdirect.ca carry the HD, but there are several ebay.ca sellers (with excellent reputations) who sell them to Canadians for a fair price.


  6. Kevin

    Seriously I would have gotten the Zune HD if it had launched in Canada but now even if it did I’m going to get the new IPhone, stupid Microsoft.


  7. Sri

    > Update Jan 13 1:31 PM ET: Looks like Tiger got wise to the glitch,
    > as the item is now showing as unavailable.

    Not any more (July 6, 2010), it’s showing as “Order today, ships today”


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