Rumour: Slacker Radio coming to Canada?

slacker-in-canadaIt’s always a little dangerous to speculate on the meaning of media-teaser emails, especially in advance of the biggest tech show on earth (CES), but I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you I think that Slacker Radio will be available to Canadians shortly.

Admittedly I have very little on which to base this rumour, except for an email I received today from Slacker’s PR agency FortyThree PR:

Hi Simon,


I wanted to contact you regarding a pre-briefing with Slacker during CES. Slacker, one of the top personal radio offerings for iPhone, Blackberry and Android (as well as Macs and PCs) with millions of listeners, will be making a major expansion outside of the U.S. that would be interesting to your Canadian audience. Some recent coverage of Slacker is below.

In addition to the expansion, Slacker also has many major, first-in-the-industry developments coming in January 2010.

That’s all she wrote.

So, is this a thinly-veiled confirmation that Slacker is Canada-bound? Or just a tease regarding international expansion, but not necessarily to Canada? Kindle fans, does this sound familiar?

If this pans out, you read it here first. If not, well, I’ll be as disappointed as the rest of you.


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