Now that's FAST: Researchers break the 100 petabit per second kilometer barrier

fibre-opticsAccording to this report from Cellular News, the researchers at Bell Labs, a division of Alcatel-Lucent, have achieved a signifcant milestone in networking: they’ve improved on the current fastest commerical speeds by a factor of ten.

How did they do it? They combined a variety of different technologies into a single solution that included 155 separate lasers, each of which carried 100 Gigabytes of data at different frequencies.

Now keep in mind, the researchers sent the light from these lasers down a single fibre optic cable, which means that they needed a way to decipher the data at the other end – something which traditional sensors aren’t able to do.

They used a new technology known as “coherent detection” – which can distinguish between a much greater number of light frequencies than “direct detection” (the current standard for commerical fibre optic transmissions).

So there’s really only one question left to ask: When can I get this hooked up at home?



  1. Doug

    OH its that nice and I still can’t get high speed in SW Ontario. AT least Ma Bell is doing something with my money.


  2. Ghost In The Machine

    Alcatel, Lucent and Bell Labs were all part of Bell until the company was forced to break up in 1984. “Doug” is close enough, as Bell utilizes technology developed by Alatel-Lucent and Bell Labs.


  3. Bob

    The bottom line is if Bell has a hand in it they will not release it until the competition offers it and at that point it will be too expensive for Joe Average. I live just inside the “Northern Ontario” border and the only internet service I can get, short of $atellite is dial-up and that is pitiful at 26.4 KBPS at best and costs more than high speed lite!!!


  4. Phil

    Big picture is this, the technology has now been created to have true HD in realtime any place. Well except SW Ontario and even places like Hawkesbury between Montréal and Ottawa go figure. Anyway, they will use the excuse of prohibitive costs ..etc. fur ball anyone?

    Resently while in Japan a friend of mine pointed his cell phone at the vending machine paying instantly (one each) for a nice ice cold bottle of water. That is old stuff for Japan and other countries.

    Canada, we are so far behind that we think were a head and we pay way more than in other countries and the EU.