Sony, you're breaking my heart

The Japan-only A Series Walkman. Image courtesy of

The Japan-only A Series Walkman. Image courtesy of

Forget the new iPod Nano with its fancy built-in camcorder. Forget the ZuneHD that we can’t even get here in Canada. I want the super-sleek, media-playing piece of sheer awesomeness pictured to the left. Go ahead, click on the thumbnail for a better look – I’ll wait.

According to, what we’re looking at is the brand-new, Japan-only A-Series Walkman.

What’s so great about it? I mean other than its obvious killer looks? Try these specs on for size:

  • Digital Noise Cancellation
  • Up to 64GB
  • 2.8 inch WQVGA OLED screen
  • TV-out function at 720×480 (Wide-Screen SD) quality
  • autoconverting video transfer
  • a startling 7.2mm thin. How thin is that? 1mm thicker than an iPod Nano.

If I’m sounding a little over-enthusiastic, it’s merely because I’m already a huge fan of the previous S-Series Walkman. Moreover, I was fairly disappointed by Sony’s current top -of-the-line Walkman: the X-Series – a beautiful but ultimately deeply flawed device. It would seem – at least from the information available – that the A-Series takes the best of each of these other devices and mashes them into one superbly sexy media player.

Now make no mistake, I’m going to reserve final judgment until Sony provides me with a review unit (Hint, hint Sony!) but I’m already inclined to think I’m going to like it. A lot.


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  1. Roy

    Hello all,

    The reason IMO why we do not have it in North America is the following. When I was in Japan a couple of years ago I found that for every one item we had in North American the Japanese had 15 or 20 more different units. The Japanese test everything in Japan first and if it is a crowd pleaser, it gets to the North American market eventually. They do not wish to have a new device that is not the best of the best in the market.(especially the North American market)