Welcome to an all-new Sync!

It's a new day here @ Sync! Image courtesy of fdecomite on Flickr.

It's a new day here @ Sync! Image courtesy of fdecomite on Flickr.

Change is never easy. Especially when that change involves two different platforms (we’ve now moved Sync from TypePad to a WordPress environment), a DNS change and updates to several other pieces of the puzzle. But I think the dust has finally begun to settle and I’m excited to welcome you all to a new experience here at Sync.

Among the changes you’ll find on our new site:

  • A bold colour-scheme which we think not only looks better, but makes the posts easier to read
  • A new category structure that makes exploring the blog easier and hopefully more rewarding
  • A search engine that lets readers find posts from the blog quickly- something that readers have been asking for since we launched
  • Threaded comments with Gravatar icons: Now you can interact with other readers and put your personal stamp on each comment (keep it clean please!)
  • Reply notifications via e-mail so you never miss any of the conversation
  • Starting next week, three new bloggers who will bring new ideas and opinions to Sync.
  • Post tags so you can find similar posts with just one click
  • And many more features in the coming weeks and months

We’re all very excited by these changes and hope you are too. Needless to say, your comments are always welcome and we’d love to hear from you – good, bad or just to say ‘hi’.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I think you’ll find the best is yet to come.

– Simon, Marc and the whole Sync Team.