KISS launches virtual concert lighter app

KISSiphoneflame You don't smoke, so why should you carry a Zippo in your pocket at concerts, when that iPhone can do the job?

For years now, concert goers who didn't smoke but who wanted to feel a part of the shared warmth you get during a power ballad, have proudly held up their open cellphones, and waved their arms back and forth as they tried to simulate the flickering flame of a real lighter.

Sadly, it always looked goofy. Not only does it just look like a bunch of people waving cellphones in the air, the light these devices emit tends to be in the blue part of the spectrum, which further separates them from the real-deal lighters in the crowd.

But with the arrival of the iPhone and a whole slew of virtual lighter apps, phone-glow became a lot cooler. Sure, you're still thrusting a phone into the air, but at least the colour looks genuine and some of the flame effects are very convincing.

Sensing an opportunity to make a little more money in this space, legendary music marketing entrepreneur and reality-TV star Gene Simmons is making sure that if you want to spark up a flame at the next KISS concert you attend, he and the rest of the band get their piece of the action.

They've partnered with a development company called Spark of Blue Softwareto release a new app in the iTunes apps store called the KISS Virtual Concert Lighter.

From what we can see, it's just like all the other lighter apps in the App Store, except of course that this is the officially sanctioned and licensed KISS edition. Standard features include:

  • Free upgrades for life – new features will constantly be created for the Virtual Concert Lighters
  • Fully customizable with a choice of 24 full-color official KISS lighter cases.
  • Unique scrolling text marquee
  • Realistic flame sways and moves as you move your hand
  • Dynamic sound effects and musical riffs

    If you want in on all the KISS lighter action, head on over to the App Store and be prepared to shell out $.99. And don't forget what Gene says: "You work hard for your money. I work hard for your money."

    Not a KISS fan? The Who, Poison, Motley Crue, Kings of Leon, Lil Wayne and others all have Virtual Lighters coming soon.

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    1. cleo

      That's the stupidest thing I've seen in my life, anything to make a quick dollar.Like any of these bands need the money! give me a break!


    2. Ken

      They don't need money because they use their heads and come up with stuff like this… it's the people that buy these things you should be mad at, not the entrepreneurial musicians that are living like kings.


    3. kerry

      sure it's stupid, but no one is forcing you to buy it. people are already paying in excess of $100 to go see some of these concerts, if another 99 cents enhances the experience, it's great. just think how much people are getting gouged for things once they are at the concert (ie. bottled water–which in itself is someone's million dollar brainchild). i don't see the problem. the world is full of stupid, overpriced items. maybe the complainers should spend more time coming up with their own million dollar idea and less time crapping on someone else's. my 2 cents.