TechTalk: How to enjoy 'old time radio' in 2009 (and beyond)

Old Time Radio (The Shadow) owner joins Marc on how to listen to old radio dramas, comedies and horror episodes on your PC or portable media player.

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  1. william Nagle

    I just happened upon this site and was facinated. My wife listens to books on tape and I am a favorite of old time radio shows. It's too bad that I did not see it yesterday (june 21) to receive my free radio show CD. I will be a subscriber to your CD's.


  2. Brian

    Great show. I've been listening to OTR programs since discovering the sources on the internet. OTR Cat was one of the 1st sources found. My 21 year old finds it funny that I finally broke down and went onto the 21st century and bought a MP3 player but found it not out of character that it was for recording and listening to the programs.

    I've even gone as far as purchasing an old AM tube radio to listen to a local station that plays an hour of these programs later at night. Hearing it on an old tube radio is 2nd only to listening on a crystal set. I am planning on building a low powered tube transmitter to broadcast the MP3 programs through to a crystal set.

    Not so odd for me as until recently my stereo was all tube and even my current favorite solid state system is nearly 50 years old, nothing digital.