Keyboard "for blondes", now with sound effects

Keyboard for Blondes You may not want to admit it, but inside all of us lurks a 'blonde'. It's the part that just can't seem to wrap itself around the more mundane and technical parts of our lives. If you're brave enough to get in touch with your inner-blonde, have we got the gadget for you.

The Keyboard for Blondes was actually released late last year, and has been picking up a cult-like following ever since. It's a fairly standard 103-key keyboard that works with all major OSs like Windows, Mac and Linux, but it takes keyboarding to whole new (and some would argue) lower level.

Take a closer look at the vibrant pink input device and you'll find that many of the utility keys the majority of us have come to know as "Shift", "Ctrl" or "Alt" have been playfully re-labeled "Smart Blonde Button" (an oxymoron? ;-), "Somewhat Useless Key" and "Useless Key".

The levity continues with special texting shortcuts built into some of the keys. These, according to the Keyboard for Blondes websiteare part of the "secret code guide to blonde communication" and feature such essential statements as "ALI: Absolutely Love It", "ROI: Relaxing On an Island" and the classic "IDK: I Don't Know"… I can already picture the shoulder-pad-required head tilting that would accompany this one.

Apparently in response to overwhelming enthusiastic response from owners, the keyboard's creators have today announced the availability of special software, known as "keynguru" that provides users with audio feedback as they type. Typists can expect to be bombarded with the following quotes:

• “Oops!”, “Oh-Ohhh…”
• “Yes!”, “Yes, I want it!”, “Aha!”
• “Warning!”
• “Help!!!”
• “No!”, “No way!”, “I said: ‘No’!”
• “You are so smart!”
• “Do you really think so? I don’t!”
• “Helloooo?!!!!”
• “Totally useless”
• “You are deleted!”
• “That’s awesome!”
• “I like it”
• “Perfect”
• “There you go!”
• “Negative!”
• “That’s good!”
• “Duhhh?!!!”

Can't wait to get in on all that blonde action? Head over to the company website and be prepared to cough up $49.95 USD.



  1. Pink_Mary

    Doesn’t matter what color your hair… i think keyboard for blondes isn’t only for blondes… everybody can using it because that is funny and nice keyboard… and that’s a good gift


  2. HH

    Dumb blonde jokes replaced dumb N-word jokes in our national humor. It’s more than simple racism. It’s evidence of the success of mass mind control by the international power elite. Blondes and Blonds were the most favored and admired people in the Anglo-Saxon world, and all over the world.