iTalk: Finally an alarm clock you can yell at

I_Talk_Clock_hr Being woken up early by a shrieking alarm clock probably doesn't top most people's list of enjoyable activities. But what if you could turn it off just by talking to (or yelling at) it?

Coming soon from the folks at Canadian company Neutrano, the iTalk is a alarm clock for people who just can't seem to get their heads wrapped around fiddling with all those little buttons and knobs.

The clock is equipped with "TimeSet Voice Technology" which Neutrano claims is capable of understanding anyone who speaks to it in English, without any training or break-in period required.

The key to TimeSet's power seems to lie in its simplicity: it only needs to recognize the words associated with the hours, minutes and AM/PM designations needed to set the time.

The iTalk's red LED digits are massive – relatively speaking – at 2 inches high, which means you should be able to see them from any vantage point in the room. But what isn't clear is just how far away you can place the clock and still have it hear and understand you.

Gary Rotman, president at Neutrano, claims that "Teenagers love the fact they can say ‘snooze’ without lifting a finger for additional sleep", and I have to admit that sounds pretty good to me too.

I don't know if my wife is going to like it as much as me. I'm guessing once I've shouted 'snooze!' for the 4th time, I'm going to get an elbow in the ribs that will make me wish I'd gotten out of bed in the first place.

The iTalk is expected to be available in regular retail outlets in the coming months, but will start on in June for $49.99.

Father's Day anyone?



  1. Lynda Breig

    I think that this invention will be perfect for everyone. It will be great for the elderly, disabled and just plain tired of those stupid little buttons you always seem to push just one to many times @ one in the morning.


  2. Sean

    Love it! Sounds like one awesome alarm clock! I barely ever use one, but I know a lot of people who would love this!



    I think it should just be able to recognize any words because usually when my alarm clock goes off i'm not thinking of the word snooze, i'll be there like half asleep trying forever to remember to say snooze., I would just wanna wake up and say shut the f*** up. Any way why would you set your alarm clock for a certain time and then hit snooze again??? I mean if you need to get up for work, what's the point of even a snooze button. It really is pointless.When I think about it,.. it's just one more stupid invention unless the alarm clock can read a certain persons voice. Anyway that's one more piece of useless technology that everyone will spend 50 plus dollars on depending where you buy it.Well I'm fine with getting up in the morning so it is your decision.


  4. Mista Sleep Alot

    Yeh, this sounds good. Unless its all glitchy and can only understand a calm, Brit accent. too bad you cant just yell some jibberish and profantiy at it and let it do its snooze. But sounds good so far.


  5. sleepy

    @Mista Sleep Alot, why would it only understand a Brit accent? It is Canadian made and last I heard Canadians do not have a Brit accent. Anyways yeah it sounds like a good idea so far, we will have to see how well it works when it comes out!


  6. Vek

    Here we go, now we'll have people talking it off in their sleep, and completely sleeping in for work. It's a nice idea, but ineffective.

    There's a reason my alarm is kept across my room where I need to get up to turn it off.


  7. Justin

    This is great for those mornings when you cant be bothered to fiddle with buttons…like the time I meant to set my alarm ten minutes ahead and changed the time :S