iPhone app helps you choose toilet paper (seriously)

Tp-iphone Even though there are already more than 25,000 applications available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, more appear in Apple's App Store every day. Some are amazingly useful. Others, well, you decide.

It's a tough world out there for those of us trying to live environmentally responsible lives. Especially when faced with a mountain of choices at the local Loblaws, Costco or Walmart. Which products will have the least amount of impact on our world, which ones will help us achieve a greener overall lifestyle?

It seems that one of the most daunting of these choices is the selection of toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and paper napkins. At least that's what Greenpeace believes, and they've arrived in the nick of time with a solution, that is, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Today the world-famous environmental group has announced the availability of a mobile app that gives users on-the-go access to Greenpeace's Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide.

The guide rates facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, and paper napkins with a "Recommended," "Avoid," or "They Can Do Better" ranking.

Using the app, people can quickly compare household paper brands while in the grocery store, find brand specific information including the percentage of recycled content, the percentage of post-consumer content, and the bleaching method and get a list of environmentally preferable brands.

Curious who Greenpeace likes? The faves are:

  • Green Forest
  • Natural Value
  • Seventh Generation

Not so favourably reviewed brands include:

  • Kleenex
  • Charmin
  • Angel Soft
  • Cottonelle
  • Brawny
  • Scott

all of which earned Greenpeace's "avoid" rank.

Can't wait to join the enviro-friendly toilet paper club? Head on over to www.greenpeace.org/tissueguide where you can download the app for both the Apple and Google Android platforms.

Oh by the way, speaking of toilets and iPhones, if you often find yourself in need of a toilet but don't know where the nearest one is, you might want to check out Charmin's SitOrSquat app. Yes, it will actually find the nearest toilet to your current location. You can thank us later.


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