Amazon launches larger Kindle DX

Kindle-dx Well looks like the rumours were true: has just announced the availability of a new, larger screen version of their wildly successful Kindle e-reader platform.

The new Kindle DX has a screen that is two and half times as large as the current Kindle 2, and can hold just over twice as much print material. It also boasts a rotating display that can render PDF documents in their native format.

Amazon is clearly positioning this new Kindle at two major markets: Those who want to read business documents in their original format and traditional newspaper subscribers.

If you live in Canada, sadly you'll be left out of the Kindle party (c'mon – get the Kindle up here… please!!) but our American friends will be able to pre-order it starting today for $489 USD.

Update: Amazon isn't going to give newspapers who want to be on the Kindle an easy ride. According to at least one source, Amazon wants newspapers to pony up 70% of their revenue in exchange for distribution to the Kindle network. They naysayers are already chiming in. Is Jeff Bezos crazy or just very, very shrewd?