The Obama USB Drive: Trendy or Tacky?

Obama_drive Given the worldwide popular appeal of America's president, it's surprising we haven't seen more of this kind of product.

USB thumb drives have become the ubiquitous computer accessory of decade. Now, for discerning techies and Obama fans alike, you can pick up a 2GB folding USB drive with the president's face and last name emblazoned on the cover in the form of a hologram.

Made by Active Media Products, it's tiny, waterproof and can be added to your keychain.

If 2GB seems too cramped for all your digital stuff, the company plans to release larger capacity models soon. If you really can't wait, we did find this other Obama USB drive which weighs in at 4GB, but frankly it juust doesn't seem as 'presidential'.



  1. Roganthis72

    This is quite easily one of the silliest products I have seen in a long time. marketers really will use anything to sell a product wont they.