The faster keyboard: eliminate those pesky vowels

Pkprnt Ask anyone who has wrestled with a full QWERTY keyboard – all those vowels are a nuissance, especially when you're just trying to text someone. Thankfully the clever folks at Peek have come to the rescue with a special device for those of us who want our words to take up the least amount of space possible.

The inspired Pk Prnt is sheer genius. Not only will it save you time by helping you avoid all those unneccessary keystrokes, think of the data charges you'll save by not sending all of those other characters?

Let's face it, these days vowels aren't just redundant, they're not cool. Why not get ahead of the trend?

Sadly, this device isn't available yet in Canada. But we can barely wait to get our hands on it!



  1. Mike

    This is the most retarded thing ever. Vowels are a important part of our language for a reason. This is your article sans all the vowels:

    "Th nsprd Pk Prnt s shr gns. Nt nly wll t sv y tm by hlpng y vd ll ths nnccssry kystrks, thnk f th dt chrgs y'll sv by nt sndng ll f ths thr chrctrs?

    Lt's fc t, ths dys vwls rn't jst rdndnt, thy'r nt cl. Why nt gt hd f th trnd?

    Sdly, ths dvce sn't vlbl yt n Cnd. Bt w cn brly wt t gt r hnds n t!"

    Doesn't make much sense does it? This is just proof people are getting even more lazy. It won't save money either because people will have to send MORE texts because the people on the other end won't know what's being said in the first place.


  2. Larry Kirk

    Our modern society seems to be intent on linguistic
    illiteracy, and destruction. Enunciation, and spelling
    have been messed up in every possible manner. The more
    chopping up of words, will be a giant step further in
    this direction.


  3. Sam

    This will only continue to ruin the English language. It reminds me of Newspeak in 1984 by George Orwell.


  4. Wainnilla

    Hey everyone… how do I search for more than one word in other posts, so that it returns only posts with those two words?