Canadian company shakes up the movie biz

Dbox-theatre-chair If you've been feeling that the movie theatre experience is less and less enticing (not to mention pricey!) a new innovation might just get you to come back more often. No, it's not 3D…

D-BOX, a company that until now has been best known for their line of uncompromising video game simulator chairs, is looking to transform the movie theatre business by installing motion seating.

The seats (pictured above) are designed to work in tandem with D-BOX Motion Code-enabled movies such as the upcoming Universal release Fast & Furious. Yes, Vin Diesel is back in the 4th installment of the popular high-speed car chase movies.

The technology gives movie studios the ability to synchronize the audience seats on a frame-by-frame basis with the action on-screen. The seats are capable of reproducing pitch, roll, heave and what D-BOX calls "Intelligent Vibrations".

The “Fast & Furious” D-BOX motion experience will be available at the Mann Chinese 6 theatre in Hollywood, and if the experiment is successful, I'm sure we'll see this new technology get rolled out to many more theatres in the near future.

With the movie industry struggling to keep box office revenues strong in the face of an ever-improving home theatre experience, D-BOX's motion seating might just be the ticket.


D-Box demo video of the commercial theatre chair (Windows Media format)



  1. Kilyra

    I think it would be great to do once in a while – like when I go see something in Imax.
    But what would actually get me going to the theatre more often is if they simply lowered their prices. I don't even have children, and for me and my husband to go to a simple movie it's about $50 after tickets and snacks. And even going to a matinee doesn't make a difference because there seems to no longer be a discount for that. And I remember there used to be a "cheap night" on Tuesdays and that's gone now. Yeah. I just don't have that kind of money. Not to mention that on top of paying that inflated price I've THEN got to sit through anywhere between 7-15 (we count) commercials before the previews!! At that price, the commercials on top of it is just insulting.