Hard drive "click of death" demonstrated on video

Hardrive Ever had a hard drive start making that awful clicking sound which you later found out meant certain death? In this video, we get a sneak peek into what actually causes the sound and what – if anything – can be done.

It's not a nice feeling. Especially if you've never invested in a backup solution. You know what I'm talking about… that realization that all of your valuable data might be gone - forever. And though it may not make you feel any better if this has happened to you, there's a certain morbid fascination in understanding exactly what caused so much pain. The geeks over at TechWareLabs explain…



  1. NannySamdi

    This video is very well done and explains the click of death in a very clear and easy to understand manner. I highly recommend it to anybody.


  2. Jay

    Awsome Video, but also scary as hell cause now i gona have nighmares about not backing up my data in time … :)

    AND THIS IS WHY PPL MUST (manually or automatically) backup data once every 2 weeks.


  3. johnz

    Already figured this mechanical noise out in combination with the "it dosen't work symptom" displayed by the computer.What isn't clear is not the power problem,but the "chip" mentioned as being a possible cause .The chip on the hard drive or the chip on the power supply motherboard?., and ya, I'm on my 3rd hard drive and its threatening to fail,saved only by shutting off the power during the "event".