Bell buys The Source

The_source_by_bell More than 750 The Source stores across Canada are being acquired by Bell, as part of the bankruptcy liquidation of U.S.-based Circuit City's assets.

The details are sparse at the moment, but it looks like the transaction is expected to close in third quarter of this year.

According to Bell, "The Source will continue to operate independently from Bell following its acquisition and will maintain its well-known national brand, broad range of communications, computing and audio
products, and its seasoned management team to be led by Ron Cuthbertson, a respected 30-
year retail veteran and most recently President of The Source."

And in case you're wondering, no, that image above is NOT the new corporate logo.

Disclosure: Sync, as part of the Sympatico / MSN Tech & Gadgets channel is operated by Bell.



  1. Nick's Tech

    As a part time employee of The Source, I've spent the last few years telling customers that Rogers' products are the best and Bell's offerings are inferior, especially when it comes to purchasing wireless (think "Most Reliable Network", Sim Card usage and GSM technology is the global standard, no cost for incoming text messages, etc.). How will I explain THIS to the loyal regulars?


  2. Julie

    Exactly, Bell looking for another way to overcharge and give nothing in return. So I stop shopping at the Source. It is going to take years for the Canadaian Public to know that a SIM card means the customer calls the shots. That there no charge for incoming calls or text messages anywhere in ASIA!!! That POOR part of the world has technology so far superiour to our "advanced" nation. STOP paying for it people!!!! It is not value for service at all.