TechTalk: New GPS features explained

Magellan_roadmate_1212’s Michael Cammock joins Marc to answer questions on the latest GPS features worth considering.

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  1. Bill Trent

    Thank you for the tip regarding the effect of temperature on the GPS. As Mr. Durham said CPs are practical for travelling. However for local travel we find the GPS takes major streets, it doesn't recognize the shortest way. It amazes me that the GPS doesn't record the shorter trip. We are in Florida for the winter. The screens become washed out with the bright sun. CAA give you preferred restaurants in unfamiliar communities. We love the way we can type the name of the restaurant into the GPS and it takes you there like a native. We needed a drug store while underway in a strange community with a tricky one way street system. What a life saver.


  2. Ink Cartridges | Evelyn

    GPS’s are great, but living here in South Africa you have to be careful where exactly you’re heading to. The straightest route is not always necessarily the safest one! Some international friends got taken right through Hillbrow (a rather dodgy place – Google it) in the middle of the night. They were very afraid when they arrived on our doorstep!