CES 2009: The videos

Anybot After a 4-day whirlwind of new tech and gadgets here in Las Vegas, CES 2009 is over. If you missed the action, don’t worry – we’ve got video – lots of video.

We saw a lot of products while at the show – far more than we could write about here on the blog – but we did manage to shoot some video. Over 30 videos in fact.

Check them out here: http://technology.sympatico.msn.ca/CES/video

Some of the items that really standout are:

  • Anybot’s prototype of a telespresence robot that lets people move around a home or office using the eyes and ears of a robot that could be thousands of miles away. Impressive stuff, from a Canadian inventor.
  • Unify4Life’s groundbreaking use of the BlackBerry smartphone – they’ve found a way to turn it into the ultimate universal remote for the home and much more.
  • Mattel’s MindFlex: A game that literally uses the power of your mind – or at least your power of concentration – to control a ball that floats on column of air.
  • Polaroid is back with an instant camera for the digital age – yep, get prints right from your camera.
  • Sony’s new VAIO P series laptop. It’s smaller than most netbooks, yet packs all of the power of a full PC. This one really wowed the crowds.
  • LG’s prototype portable media player that has a pico-projector built in