NORAD has Santa watchers covered

Norad_shiny You’re probably familiar with NORAD’s famous Santa Tracker program. But did you know that NORAD’s involvement with the North Pole’s jolliest resident goes way beyond a website?

By the time you read this, Santa has already been busy for many hours. According to NORAD, Santa’s schedule kicked off at 6am Eastern today and won’t wrap up his global jaunt until all kids are firmly asleep in their beds.

This year though, while the kids are still up, they have lots of ways to keep tabs on the man in the red suit. For the first time, they’ll be able to follow Santa on Twitter. Just log on to Twitter and follow @noradsanta for updates on his whereabouts and to participate in holiday conversations.

Looking for other ways to spy on St. Nick? NORAD offers the following options:

NORAD’s site is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

Merry Christmas Sync readers!

(Oh and Happy Chanukah too) :-)



  1. Kyle Lucas

    Wow, thank you guys for the hard work you do. My son is 7 and was very excited to be able to call and speak to someone to track Santa. He is so excited he is getting ready for bed. Once again Thank You.


  2. hozan

    your the best and thank you for all the presents SANTA* you no we all like santa clause. and i hope you have a GREAT CHRISTMAS. SANTA ROCKS WE LOVE YOU* BYE AND IF YOU GET MY MESAGE CAN YOU SEND ME ONE BACK PLEASE thank you santa bye………………


  3. brooke

    hi santa its me brooke and thank you for all the presents santa this year. you no that we all like santa clause. IF YOU GET THIS MESAGE CAN YOU WRITE BACK TO ME!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE


  4. nancy

    Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for doing such a good job keeping our world safe and a special thank you to all our service men. May all be safe and warm tonight and home soon if overseas. May there always be a Santa in your lives.


  5. Kaitlyn Verhoeven

    How do you dilver all the presenst?
    How is rudualph?

    I hope you have fun all the time!!!

    Love:Kaitlyn Verhoeven



    This is really great fun and my grandchild knows where Santa is at all times. It also gives him good reason to get to bed when the time comes for him to turn in. Many thanks to all involved with the tracker.


  7. maddy

    where is santa claws now? i cant wait to wake up tomorrow morning and find gifts from st.Nick! and if you know santa claws tell him i will always beleave in him no matter what!!! :)



  8. Ms. Popowich

    Hi Santa~! Good luck delivering on this cold night!
    Brr! Well, take care of all of the reindeers for me and say hi to Mrs. Claus.
    Love you Santa, Ms. Popowich. I will be tracking you all night! See you at 11:52 pm!!


  9. Kendra Perry

    Where is Santa?!?! I hope he likes our christmas lights and christmas tree! Can't wait til tomorrow morning…
    -Kendra :)


  10. Gino

    Yo Santa I will be Driving around Lookin for you tonite i got Nice Fatty for you to Smoke yaa that rite Santa got have Fatty for the Old Man Lol lets have Toke where we Meetin lol just jokin homie see you sooooon Santa


  11. Waynet

    Thank you to everyone who gives their time to support this. My kids were over the moon about getting an email back from Norad on the status of Santa's flight path.

    thank you for contributing to a great Christmas



    My most favourite time of the year. The coming together of friends and family. Its special, Its amazing and its divine. God bless you all and God bless all the little children.


  13. Kelsey Reid

    What a waste of money.. leading on children to believe there is one good person on the earth that doesnt even exist.


  14. andylei

    My most favourite time of the year. The coming together of friends and family. Its special, Its amazing and its divine. God bless you all and God bless all the little children.