46% of women prefer internet access to sex

Gettyimage01 Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. According to a recent survey by Intel, if given a choice between no internet access for 2 weeks and no sex, many women would choose the net.

The full survey, called "Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy" was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Intel to reveal people’s attitudes toward internet access.

Their findings won’t come as a surprise to readers of this blog:

  • Nearly half of women (46 percent) and 30 percent of men would rather go without sex for 2 weeks than give up Internet access for the same amount of time. For women aged 18-34 it was 49 percent and for women aged 35-44 it was 52 percent. For men aged 18-34, it was 39 percent.
  • Ninety-five percent of adults feel that it is very important, important or somewhat important for people to have devices that allow them to access the Internet.
  • 65 percent of U.S. adults reporting they cannot live without Internet access.1 The following items and activities were ranked below Internet access in importance:
    • Cable television subscriptions (39 percent)
    • Dining out (20 percent)
    • Shopping for clothes (18 percent)
    • Gym membership (10 percent)

There are more, less sexy results available from the survey on Intel’s site. But I’m more curious about our readers’ take on this. Would you be more willing to give up sex, or internet access for 2 weeks? I’ll start the ball rolling… I’ve had to give up both for 2 week stretches in the past (but thankfully not both at once) and I’ll sheepishly admit that I had greater withdrawal symptoms over the lack of internet access.

Okay, now that I’m desperately hoping my wife doesn’t read sync today, it’s your turn…



  1. A Nadil

    This says it all.

    American men do not know how to please a woman. Hey! Come party on the other side of the border… :-)


  2. Kallie

    It all depends – during a busy work week, I'd rather give up sex. During a holiday, I'd way rather give up internet. Most people answering the survey would probably be thinking of their 'rathers' when they're asked the survey – ie. when they are on the internet, or during a busy work week.


  3. CB

    this survey doesn't make sense. if i was having sex as much as i use the internet in 2 weeks then i definitely would not give up sex over internet. i'm on the internet in 2 weeks way more then i would have sex in 2 weeks. i'd rather be having sex if i was getting it as often as i would normally go online.


  4. Baaaaaaam

    I'd take the internet either way, work or holiday. One word… Internetsex. It's the next generation of sex!!!


  5. Jessica

    Could easily be women who don't get enough sex during that two week period anyway that giving up their internet access would be just too much lol.


  6. Christina

    I wouldn't be able to go 2 weeks without internet access, I could barely survive 2 days without it! I'm single, so going without sex would not be an issue for me. And even if I was attached, I have a strong intuition that I would rather not go without internet over having to go without sex.


  7. amby

    I can't help but wonder how the study was conducted… wouldn't an internet survey make it far more biased?…I mean…they're on the internet already doing the survey..when the other ones might be out having sex… also…just exactly how many people did they survey? I have to agree with the other person… I wish I was getting lovin half as much as I'm on the net…..


  8. R

    Sex is about being in love with someone and sharing an enjoyable experience with them. Internet access is more a convenient way to communicate with the outside world. Both are important and mutually exclusive. It's like what would you prefer, having raw food for two weeks or having a stove with no food for two weeks. But overall, I could always take a 2 week vacation, not use the interent and just make love. Works fine with me :p


  9. Indifference

    Woman are born with dynamics in mind, very opportunistic, often sacrificing many important things dear to them to get what they want.

    One thing for sure when it comes to children, this is the least thing women would sacrifice even neglecting to get what they want, i wonder why?.

    Thats leads to us men, see in today's world we are really not needed. Its a sad reality but true.

    Which leads me to another thought, due to this lack of appreciation of our male gender by women for what has been for ever, its now time to ask?

    Do we put up with this, man being held ransom by birth bearing mothers questioning our every move justified by the cheap exploitation of the fact we were born different and can not continue our generation.

    I think not.

    You or anyone is born once.

    Enjoy the now, ignore the classically conditioned bs passed over eons.

    Woman had the natural instinct to exploit the oldest trade in existence, prostitution.

    So they do not need men, they can solicit the next guy anywhere anytime.

    The husband, or hubbie, boyfriend, or w/e is providing a service.

    And thats just sad.

    So what do men do?

    Ignore the pressures, enjoy life and do not have children, do not get married.

    And thats that.


  10. Him

    I'm a 16 year old virgin (And am planning on staying that way for a while) so I think I'll be fine without sex for 2 weeks but Facebook must be checked daily!


  11. AM

    NO WAY WOULD I GO WITHOUT SEX for two weeks. WHAT?!?!

    Am I really the only woman who would rather give up the internet?

    I've gone for long periods of time – believe me sometimes too long – but to voluntarily give it up for two weeks…not this girl!


  12. Elizabeth

    I agree with AM i would definately give up the internet over sex anyday!!! is there no other sane women out there?!


  13. Anna Tychko

    Well, I would agree if the sex part is not that great with the partner they have. Therefore internet would be the preference.

    Perhaps it depends on the monthly cycle of each woman when she answered the survey…

    I like both, sometimes they complement one another.


  14. xocolatl

    All of those questions that ask whether you rather have sex or [chocolate, internet, money, whatever] assume that all sex is the same. It depends entirely on what kind of sex you're getting and with whom.

    If you're stuck with someone who doesn't please, you're probably avoiding it as much as possible anyway and quite possibly taking refuge in the internet to do so. If you're with someone you can't get enough of, who's got time for the internet?

    People who assume that all sex is good sex either have no idea how lucky they've been or they're not good enough themselves to know the difference.


  15. sr-guy

    Hey, why not go for a balance – just remember that sex often goes down as age goes up – and the internet will likely still be there in some form without regard to your age. Still your choice, of course, but best to have no regrets!


  16. Elliott

    The question in the first place is kinda silly actualy…

    I can't imagine people not abstaining for merely 2 weeks as opposed to being cut off from e-mail, online banking, etc.

    Now if the question was "forever", rather than "2 weeks", the results would be more interesting…


  17. Fred

    Haha, i wish this was for real… Getting women to make that choice… Imagine knowing that all the internet, blogging, facebook women are stuck married to there computer for a week. That would leave us single men a great opportunity to go out. ;P


  18. Jessica

    I would choose to not have sex for 2 weeks just because it's so much better the longer you both can (but really can't) wait for it. It just builds up so much!


  19. Dizzy

    Well me and my hubby have sex at least once a day, twice is normal. So there is not way i would choose internet over that.


  20. perry

    As divorce rates climb and relationships become hum drum life will soon revolve around robots and some form of imitation replica human form. Why suffer from human insecurities and financial responsibilities. But I would never give up sex not for a day, for the internet, if the choice was either one or the other. It`s called OLD SCHOOL..


  21. Arlin Gray

    I think it's startling and a little sad that a gym membership ranked at the bottom in order of importance, way below cable television subscriptions.


  22. Fuzzy

    What a sad state relationships are in. Computers have no eternal value like quality relationships do. God will not judge people based on how faithful they were to their PC's. So go ahead and hug your computer and wait for it to tell you how important you are.


  23. CoreyC

    Would never give up sex over the internet.. that is crazy talk. i only use facebook occasionally otherwise i couldn't give a damn if it was disconnected. sometimes i'd prefer it with the way my boyfriend lives on it. I couldn't say the same for him lol he'd def choose the net


  24. Dee

    Net access over sex??

    Not on your life!! If my man is around, I don't bother with the net! Guess what I am doing instead?? LOL!!! I would never give up the closeness of my guy over the internet! How shallow is that?? He's pretty much the same – we rarely do the net if we are together!! To Les here who says, "Yeah I'd rather go without sex for 2 weeks than the internet. Absolutely!…" You have the wrong mate if that's how you respond to this!


  25. Stu Pendouscock

    Awesome. I emailed this story to my wife and hope she decides to us ethe net instead of me. At least I'll have one less thing to do around the house….LOL. Well, except for her sister!!!!


  26. S.J.G.

    Definately would prefer to do without internet access. My creditors can wait for me to pay bills online. Everything else is just not important. Sex, well that I'd prefer not to go without for two weeks. Even, I must add, after nearly 30 years of marriage!


  27. Allen

    For people to give up sex for 2 weeks for the internet; it is so sad that they don't have a partner who is willing to give their mutual respect and give them the desire and satisfaction that they deserve!!!!!!!!


  28. Young Bllood

    Sad poor people. Those who said that they would rather give up the net over sex aren't having good sex. there's no way I'd give up sex for two weeks over the internet. How do people think that the world survived for billions of years without the internet??? But then again, Crackbook wasn't around and people didn't know how to keep in touch with each other. The net is good for one thing: turning us into fat, lazy, complacent beings that believe everything we see and hear on the internet. Good to see we are such a lazy culture!!!


  29. Mike

    even though I spend a lot of time on the net, there's no way I'd exchange sex for it. Why spend that time by yourself in a chair in front of a computer in a fake reality created by your brain when you can have real physical and emotional contact with a human being?? What's wrong with these people? They are the ones who are lacking social graces because they are too busy confining themselves to the impersonal world of NET.


  30. bonny byzuk

    I am 59. I love the internet, and I love sex. Given a choice, I combine them to find lovers!!!! 2 weeks without sex, how ludicrous!!!1 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!


  31. Aaron W

    Sex, sex, sex – I can live without these internet articles or going online to find people who are never there at the same time. Internet access doesn't always ensure that I'm going to be entertained online, but with sex – well, I'm enjoying myself every time.

    No question about it.


  32. Mrs. S

    We live out in the boonies so internet is a great way to keep in touch with everyone family & work wise. As my husband works away for weeks on end, 2 weeks w/o him putting out is NOTHING! So the choice is easy for me to say Keep me logged on.


  33. Lex

    I'd choose the internet over sex, hands down. I am a female in my late twenties and I haven't been in a relationship for almost two years. I have work and I'm working on getting a master's degree, as well as working out, socializing, and volunteering. I'd much rather be able to talk on instant messenger programs with my friends after work and classes than worry about having the energy to put out for a significant other.


  34. Eve

    Internet. Definitely. Anyone who is saying they'd rather have sex than internet access is obviously blessed enough to be in a healthy relationship where the sex is good and the partners communicate with each other.

    It really does boil down to the quality of sex vs. the quality of your internet friendships and relevant hobbies. As someone who has been in a relationship where the sex was dull, boring, and was all about *his* pleasure…well, I'd choose the internet, thanks.

    You don't necessarily have to be crazy or superficial to choose the internet. You just need to either be single or in a relationship where you either can't get sex very often, or where the sex really isn't very good.


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