Minority Report UI comes to life

Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Photo by David James. Courtesy IMDB.com Remember that wild computer interface that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report to navigate through reams of criminal data? The one that involved intricate hand and arm gestures? Check this out…

According to Gizmodo, the UI is called g-speak, and the company that is working on it – known as Oblong Industries – employs the person who advised Spielberg on the creation of the interface for the movie Minority Report as one of their board members. Described as a "spatial operating environment", g-speak has a wide range of possible applications, from collaborative work, CAD/CAM and media manipulation.

Check out their amazing demo video:

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

So the only question that remains is, even if you could have an interface like this, would you want to use it every day? Most of the tasks demonstrated could probably be done with much less physical effort using existing PC peripherals. What’s your take?



  1. Wasif

    The table or board sort of looks like Microsoft Surface, are they just manipulating the surface to recognize movement via the glove and project on the screen?


  2. Animal

    Doesn't seem very practical. Seems like something to just show off technology more than anything of real value.

    All things considered, the Wii technology isn't much different.


  3. Chris Jackson

    Most of the tasks demonstrated could probably be done with much less physical effort using existing PC peripherals. What's your take?

    Maybe the fact that we all just sit on our butts in front of these existing pc's could be why North America is becoming fat. So maybe a little physical effort isnt such a bad thing


  4. Animal


    5 people waving their hands in front of a big screen doesn't count as physical effort. It's this same misconception that drives the Wii as exercise equipment.

    If anything, it'll give office executives an excuse to leave work on disability for standing hours at a time.

    And then it'll give so-called Ergo experts million-dollar contracts to solve the issue by reintroducing the office chair.


  5. Simon Cohen

    I've got to agree with Animal. If obesity is the problem, then the solution is more physical activity and better eating habits, outside of work. Making work more physically demanding doesn't sound like the way to go :)


  6. Khalid Al-Amoudi

    Animal has a point when he says that this gadget its just a way to show off (to ourselves?) our own technological capabilities. Yes, most of the things could be done way more easily on a simply computer, but this makes it more fun… probably allowing for its implementation in the gaming industry rather than for office work.


  7. Derek

    Haha, imagine the impact this has just on the gaming industry!! Give it ten-twenty years when we are plaing our stratey games using a real interface. Who cares about exersize!